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PM Johnson urges Britons to get COVID-19 jab over Christmas | Coronavirus Plague News

Self-control against coronavirus is a ‘precious gift’ within Omicron’s surgery, says Boris Johnson in a Christmas message.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, this Christmas evening, urged people to accept the COVID-19 vaccine as a gift to their families and around the world, as an increase in the number of cases of serious infectious diseases. Omicron range it provides shade for the festivals.

“Even though the gift-buying period is running out, there is something wonderful you can give to your family and the world at large and that is to find happiness, whether it is your first or second or donation,” Johnson said. Friday in its annual message, posted as a Twitter video.

Calling the vaccine “invisible and precious”, he praised the “great spirit of community” of the millions of Britons who had already come to receive the vaccine.

Prime Minister, who has refused to impose viral restrictions on England at Christmas despite his rise disease prices, he also used his address to warn that the epidemic was not over.

Health officials filed 119,789 cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, marking the second day in a row that the number of new infections exceeded 100,000 and 147 deaths within 28 days of testing.

“Omicron is growing,” Johnson said. “[And] we all know that we must together try to stop the spread of this new species – we must test ourselves and be very careful when we encounter elderly people or relatives at risk. ”

Jingle jab vaccine

His comments came as the National Health Service (NHS) England confirmed that the mass vaccination should continue over the Christmas weekend, with a medical “jingle jab” campaign set up to see injections given to hospitals and community centers such as town halls and a drugstore on Christmas day. Saturday and Boxing Day Sunday.

The agency, which is running to provide a third jab to anyone over the age of 18 by the end of the year, said on Friday that there were 200,000 people vaccinated over the weekend.

“This Christmas, before you start eating dinner with your family, I would encourage anyone who has not been encouraged to come, arrange a time to receive a jab gift,” said Dr Emily Lawson, NHS COVID-19 vaccine chief. software.

To date, more than 82 percent of Britons over the age of 12 have received two doses of COVID-19 vaccine, according to for acceptable statistics.

More than 55 percent also had a third jab, also called a booster, which is seen as a very important tool to help stop the Omicron spread.

Other standards have been adhered to

In his Christmas speech, Johnson also said he hoped this year’s celebrations would be “better than the last”, when internal meetings were heavily banned in the UK.

However, he has refused to suspend post-vacation replacement if the COVID-19 operation continues. The consecrated countries of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have already announced certain Christmas bans.

Rory Challands of Al Jazeera, originally from Lewes, in southeastern England, said the rapid spread of Omicron and COVID-19 fears were hanging in the air at festivals.

“The number of cases is still breaking down every day,” he said. “Omicron seems to be smaller than other species … but because it is contagious …

Many industries are currently struggling with staff shortages because patients are isolated, and hospitals have warned of the dangers to which patient safety could be compromised.

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