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Plague recovery, high-level climate issues at APEC leaders’ meeting | Business and Economy

Leaders of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) trade group focused on the region’s economic transformation from the coronavirus, with emphasis on economic support and economic reduction, in talks starting this week.

The debate is expected, however, at this week’s talks between the 21 economic group on Taiwan’s desire to enter into a regional trade agreement and the United States’ idea to host 2023 rounds of talks.

New Zealand is hosting the APEC Leaders’ Week in full online in response to the global epidemic that has closed international borders for almost all travelers for 18 months.

“The conference will only look at ways to address past issues,” New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said in a statement.

Negotiations will begin between the trade and foreign ministers of the 21st economic group, which includes the US, China and Russia, before government officials met online on Friday night.

Climate change is expected to be a major factor in the conference [FILE: Olivia Zhang/AP]

The wealth of APEC members makes up about 38 percent of the world’s population and more than 60 percent of all household items.

“Together we continue to make the chains work and we are helping to sell the most important medical supplies – including test kits, PPE and vaccines,” Ardern said.

APEC members promised at a special meeting in June to increase the sharing and production of the COVID-19 vaccine and remove barriers to trade.

The APEC summit comes in the shadow of the G20 summit in Rome and the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, both attended by leaders.

At a press conference on Monday, Ardern acknowledged that the incident meant the country was missing out on a major explosion.

“It means that our ability to place New Zealand around the world is not something that we would otherwise have had,” Ardern said, adding that it allowed business leaders to participate.

The debate is expected to focus on Taiwan’s goal of using the conference to gain support for its bid to enter into a regional trade agreement, the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

China, which has also asked to join the treaty, opposes Taiwan’s membership and has stepped up its military activities near the island, which Beijing claims and has not prevented.

US host host bid

What could lead to controversy is what the US wants to do with APEC in 2023, which would be the first seizure in the country since President Barack Obama led the delegation to Hawaii in 2011.

Diverting interest in aid to the region has been a major part of President Joe Biden’s leadership, as he has relinquished his former security concerns after withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan.

But Russia does not agree with the US view, a source close to the talks said, which makes the bloc unusual, which often allows for a pre-emptive strike.

Russia has asked for confirmation that its representatives will be able to attend the US summit even though some of them are under sanctions, the source said, adding that China has not endorsed or rejected US demands.

No country has commented publicly on the proposal. Russia’s Foreign Ministry was not immediately available for comment.

China’s Foreign Ministry says APEC is an important Asia-Pacific economic component.

“China will take part in the implementation of the agreement,” it said.

“I am convinced that the US and New Zealand want to end this in the past [the] The Leaders’ Meeting, but the debate should not continue, as leaders can always say they expect to meet in Thailand next year and leave this, “said Matthew Goodman, a consultant at the Washington-based think tank Center. For Strategic and International Studies.

The Leaders’ Notification has been issued following the annual meeting of APEC leaders since the first in 1993, with the exception of Papua New Guinea in 2018 due to non-alignment between the US and China.

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