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Pictures of the Fagradalsfjall Volcano erupting in Iceland

Photos by Vilhelm Gunnarsson / Getty

After several earthquakes in Iceland, a high volcano erupted in Fagradalsfjall on Friday night. Located about 25 miles[40 km]outside Reykjavík, the nearest city and capital, it has not threatened the lives of people or damaged infrastructure.

“At present, air pollution is not expected to cause much harm to people except near the eruption site,” he said. he wrote Icelandic Weather Office this morning. “Ventilation is carefully monitored.”

Volcano Fagradalsfjall, a volcano, is located on the island of Reykjanes in southwestern Iceland. The blast started with a strong earthquake, as we saw a few days ago.

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Pictures of the eruption filled the living room as Icelanders saw lava and ashes from the eruption looking up at the sky.

Photos by Vilhelm Gunnarsson / Getty

The country’s judiciary, Áslaug Arna Sigurbjörnsdóttir, went on a rampage as the explosion began to assess the situation. Sigurbjörnsdóttir posted pictures with live video from a helicopter that shows off a volcanic eruption.

A photo I took tonight of a volcanic eruption in Reykjanes Iceland. We’re reviewing the situation and from now on it doesn’t seem like a threat to the surrounding towns. 🌋🇮🇸 #Iceland

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The local Ruv store also exists mountain food.

Residents of Reykjavík posted pictures showing a red light in the sky showing Fagradalsfjall exploding.

The blast also caused chased tourists to try to see the scene.

One of them was Icelandic singer Björk, who said on Instagram that the mountain, when he watched a music video, was about 30 minutes from his home.

“YESSS !!, blast !! we in iceland are so happy !!! we still have it !!! a feeling of happiness when nature shows itself !!!” he wrote.

The Icelandic Coast Guard is also monitoring the situation, send photos, videos, and updates from the scene.

On Saturday morning, a servant met a dog that had come to visit the area.

Local artists also rushed there, sharing incredible pictures.

One person recorded a video that was taken when he said it was the first commercial plane that had exploded. “This is the most magical thing I’ve ever had in my life. I really cried !!” He said on Instagram.

Flights to Fagradalsfjall seem preoccupied, and people take the mountain in all its glory as soon as the sun rises.

One man posted a picture of a bright sky, and said, “What you see here is not the setting of the sun but the eruption of the mountains at Fagradalsfjall.”

According to Seasonal Office, “The explosion is small and the impact of the blast has dropped slightly since yesterday evening.”

“There are few volcanic springs and the current outbreak is a local disaster,” officials tweeted.

Icelandic Coast Guard / Getty Photos

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