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Pictures of Palestinian Opposition Worldwide


Thousands of people around the world demonstrated their support for the Palestinian people during the protests some of the worst wars between Israel and Palestine since the 2014 Gaza war, with demonstrators from Canada to Japan saluting the flag and chanting “Free Palestine” on Saturday.

The demonstrations come as tensions and violence in the region grow, at least 145 Palestinians and 10 Israelis were killed, including children.

The violence began when Israeli security forces seized the Al-Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan last week, injuring many worshipers and causing Hamas to retaliate with rocket. Israeli police too sharply reduced the opponents protesting against the expulsion of Palestinians from their homes near Sheikh Jarrah.

The videos also showed Israeli Defense Iron Dome lighting the night sky when it found lots of rockets.

Saturday, Israeli warplane hitting a refugee camp in Gaza, killing eight children and two women. Hours later, other helicopters destroyed a 12-story house in Gaza that housed international media organizations, including the Associated Press and Al Jazeera, in a move that was allegedly threatening free journalists in the region.

Israeli forces say a boycott of the house – which came as a shock to the media – was necessary because it contained “Hamas’s military intelligence.“Associated Press, however, He said there was “no indication that Hamas was in the building or working in the building.”

“This is something we look forward to as much as we can,” said a news agency. “We don’t know if we could put our journalists at risk.”

President Joe Biden addressed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday, showing “anxiety” of the status quo but not to mention direct Israeli warplanes directly, according to the summons reading.

Recent violence has brought people together worldwide, with some protesters facing police brutality.


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