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Pentagon has dropped alliance against JEDI, Amazon, Microsoft | War Stories


The Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure Project agreement of the U.S. Department of Defense was disrupted due to legal issues shortly after it was submitted to Microsoft in October 2019.

The Pentagon of the United States says Tuesday has abolished a cloud computing with Microsoft which in the end could be $ 10bn. It will partner with both Microsoft and Amazon as well as possibly other cloud providers.

“With the advent of technology, it has become clear that the JEDI Cloud agreement, which has been delayed for a long time, is no longer meeting the requirements for DD. [US Department of Defense’s] the end of opportunities, ”the Pentagon said in a statement.

The statement did not specifically state that the Pentagon is facing legal challenges in Amazon over the first $ 1m deal offered by Microsoft. Amazon said Microsoft’s reward was politically motivated, especially when President Donald Trump argued with Amazon’s chief executive, Jeff Bezos. Bezos owns the Washington Post, a story often criticized by Trump.

Pentagon chief executive John Sherman told reporters Tuesday that in the long-running lawsuit against Amazon, “the place has changed” with new opportunities for major cloud companies. So he decided, he said, to start looking for more sellers.

Sherman said JEDI will be replaced by a new program called Joint Warfighter Cloud Capability, and that Amazon and Microsoft “probably” will be given business shares, although there is no guarantee. Sherman said three other major cloud providers – Google, IBM and Oracle – could also be eligible.

Microsoft said in response to the Pentagon’s announcement, “We understand DoD’s ideas, and we support them and any military force that needs the critical 2000s JEDI expertise it could offer. for many years or so. ”

Amazon Web Services, the market leader in cloud computing, was considered to be the leading developer of the Pentagon’s Joint Enterprise Defense Infource project, called JEDI.

The mission was designed to preserve and organize the masses that were selected, to allow the US military to change its alliance with the military in the war and to use artificial intelligence to speed up the preparation for war and the war.

JEDI’s relationship was shattered by lawsuits when it was first filed with Microsoft in October 2019. The lost seller, Amazon Web Services, went to court claiming that the Pentagon’s actions were improper and unfair, including politically motivated.

This year the Pentagon also said it could lift the deal, saying in May that it would be forced to reconsider its decision after an April judge rejected the Pentagon’s decision to drop Amazon’s most serious criminal charges.

The JEDI saga has become uncommon in the Trump-affiliated political arena. In April 2020, the Defense Department’s chief executive officer confirmed that the operations were in line with regulations and government procurement.

The presiding officer did not find any evidence that the White House was being disrupted by the contract, but the review said investigators would not be able to re-examine the case because the White House would not allow the witnesses to be constantly interrupted.

Five months later, the Pentagon reaffirmed Microsoft as the winner of the deal, but work was halted by legal issues in Amazon.

In its April 2020 report, the chief executive officer’s office did not receive the same opinion as Microsoft Corp. a Microsoft Corp. was declared the winner.

Instead, it assessed whether the decisions were fair and valid. It also highlighted allegations of disapproval by Pentagon officials involved in the case and confirmed that any errors did not affect the outcome.

The review found no evidence of White House pressure on the Pentagon to approve Microsoft’s request, but said it would not reveal how the White House interacts with Pentagon makers.


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