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Parliament in Albania sues President for violation of law | European News

Ilir Meta, a participant in the event, meets with Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Albanian parliament on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against President Ilir Meta for violating the law and removing him from office.

In a surprise move, parliament voted 104-7 to release the president. Three refused. Final approval will come from Albania’s highest court in less than three months.

A parliamentary investigation report confirmed that Meta had violated the law and the way it was opposed by Socialists during the April 25 parliamentary referendum.

“Ilir Meta has shown that he has not done a good job of being the President of … Albania,” Prime Minister Edi Rama said in a pre-vote speech. “Ilir Meta has violated the law.”

Meta has criticized the experiment and analysis, saying it is illegal.

He did not respond to anything from Meta during the debate or after the vote. In the midst of the legal debate Meta continued her daily activities, awarding the medal to the choir.

In late April, 49 ruling Socialist lawmakers requested a committee of inquiry.

He criticizes Meta, a former Socialist minister who left the party many years ago, for promoting instability and violence in the Balkans and for associating with political opponents beforehand.

He argued that the Meta should be held for failing to carry out its mandate in accordance with the law to ensure international consensus.

The ruling Socialist Party won 74 of the 140 seats on April 25, winning their third four-year term.

“The actions of the President of the Republic, his actions and the manner in which he operates … contradicts his responsibility and responsibility,” the report said.

It said Meta should be “removed from the post of President of the Republic for serious violation (law)”.

The Albanian leadership is a ceremonial one but has the responsibility of overseeing the judiciary and the military. The practice is also known as political, but Meta often clashes with Prime Minister Edi Rama’s Socialist government.

Since taking office in 2017 with the help of the ruling Socialist Party, Meta has opposed their ideas, barred the appointment of ministers and challenged the rule of law.

Meta has criticized Rama for running a “kleptocratic government” and putting all the power in lawmaking, management and judging in his hands.

Meta says the outgoing meeting is in transition period after the election and would not agree to conduct the survey. The Parliamentary Assembly elected in April will not sit down until September.

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