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Palestinians in Gaza mourn the loss of loved ones in Israeli warfare | Conflicting Issues


Gaza City – Mohammad Saad, after hearing that the Israeli strike had killed his cousin Reema Saad, said the incident hit the couple “like lightning”.

Reema, 31, her husband Mohammed Telbani, 29, and their two children were at their home in the Gaza City area of ​​Tel al-Hawa early Wednesday morning when a plane crashed into a dormitory, destroying their home.

Reema, who was four months pregnant, and five-year-old Zeid died on the spot, and Mohammed died in the intensive care unit, but the body of their three-year-old daughter, Maryam, was not found at the scene. Saad said the family had not received a warning before the plane crash.

“I’m talking to the Gaza Fire Brigade and the Fire Brigade to help us find Maryam and rest her and put her next to her mother, who might want this,” Saad said.

The day before the air raid was a thrill, as Reem visited his relatives to thank his brother for his dedication. “The next day, he went home and was shot,” Saad said.

The family is covering up the murder of Mohammed Telbani’s mother, fearing he might have a heart attack.

A man looks at the remains of a house that was destroyed after being hit by Israeli eagles in Gaza City [Adel Hana/AP]

The death toll has risen sharply

With Israel launching the Eagles on the late Gaza Strip on Monday, Gaza’s medical ministry says at least 103 people, including 27 children, have been killed and 580 others injured.

At least seven Israelis, including a child, have been killed in a series of rocket-propelled grenades in Gaza, controlled by the Palestinian militant group, Hamas.

A recent escalation of violence followed weeks in East Jerusalem on amended criminal cases involving the eviction of several Palestinian families from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah area.

Tensions in the city also erupted on the wall of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, where Israeli soldiers held three consecutive days in the last week of Ramadan, with tear gas and bombs on worshipers inside the mosque.

Hamas on Monday issued a resolution demanding that Israel withdraw its troops, the third most holy place in Islam that is also revered by the Jews.

Shortly after the deadline, Hamas set up several rockets to Jerusalem, while Israel launched a recent military strike.

Israeli forces say about 1,600 rockets have been removed from Gaza to various parts of Israel since Monday.

Their spokesman Jonathan Conricus told reporters Thursday that attacks on Gaza would continue as Israel prepares for “several incidents”.

“We have sections that are ready and are at different times in preparation for groundwork,” he said. Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz has agreed to call 9,000 more troops.

Eid hat

Thursday was the first day of Eid al-Fitr, the Muslim holiday of the end of the holy month of Ramadan. But instead of celebrating and reuniting with family and friends, funerals took place when Hamas sent more rockets to Israel and Israeli warplanes continued to hit surrounding areas, including Rafah, near the border with Egypt.

Smoke billows from an Israeli plane at Rafah south of the Gaza Strip [Said Khatib/AFP]

In Gaza City, the mourners carried the dead from the Al-Omari Mosque on Thursday morning to the cemetery in the far east of the city. Throughout the trip, the sound of bombs and rocket launches was heard almost immediately.

As a result of the air raid, words of encouragement for the victims were shared on the phone.

Respondents continued exhuming bodies under the rubble Thursday evening. The entire Al Tanani family including four children were found in the rubble of their home in Beit Lahia, north of Gaza.

Four people, including two children, were found in Al Rantisi’s house in Rafah, local media reported.

‘I hope he didn’t hear anything’

Some Palestinians have been talking about their relatives being killed on television, realizing they are ordinary citizens.

Bayan Abu Sultan, 25, said his cousin Hadeel Arafa, 27, and his 50-year-old aunt, Miami, a mother of four, were killed while preparing for Eid at their home in Amal’s area of ​​Khan Younis, when an Israeli strike struck their homes. around 3pm Wednesday.

There was no earlier warning that a terrorist attack was imminent because the Miami brother had called him a few minutes before the bombing. AbuSultan said he and Hadeel were planning to go shopping together after Ramadan because they were supposed to get married a few days after Eid al-Fitr.

The last ones he heard from his cousin were when he shared them on Facebook, praying for those who had been killed.

“He did not know that soon we would be looking for him in the same way,” AbuSultan said. “I tremble every time I think about it. I hope he didn’t hear anything. ”

Israeli airlines have stormed police headquarters and government buildings, three high-rise buildings, an ice cream factory in eastern Gaza and Al-Salah School in Deir Al-Balah in the middle of the Gaza Strip.

On Wednesday, airstrikes in Israel destroyed the al-Shorouq tower, home to a number of media outlets. Its ruins lie in the streets of Remal, a busy street in Gaza City.

Israeli forces say they are only looking at a number of buildings that are “large military bases”. Some of the buildings were affected by Hamas’ “key” sites, he said.

Liberation Party condemns “ all together ”

In a statement issued Tuesday, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor (EMHRM) said the “bomb blast that has taken place in Israel, including the plight of civilians who do not respect the same principle … is dangerous”.

The Israeli military has “expanded its interest and included the abduction of thousands of civilians, women and children, and the bombing of crowded protesters, which, according to Roman law, is a war crime,” he said, adding that shooting civilians was more than just war.

In one of the air raids, Israeli forces killed Amira Abdel Fattah Subuh, 58, and their son Abd al-Rahman Yusef Subuh, 19, a disabled young man with cerebral palsy, the group said.

When the Israeli army later announced that it was entering a military commander’s office, a search of the site confirmed that no one was in the house at the time of the bombing, according to EMHRM.

“This incident is an example of a bomb blast in Israel that does not take into account its similarities. Israel is fighting a war to destroy the people and leave them lost as a means of retribution and punishment for all, prohibited by international law.”


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