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Olympic Leader Launches Dismissed for Holocaust


The host of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Summer Olympics has been fired after photos of a 1998 game show showed him making a Holocaust-based joke.

Kentaro Kobayashi was fired just one day before the opening ceremony of the Summer Games in Japan.

The planning committee confirmed Kobayashi’s departure in a words. It stated that the creative director had been removed from his position “after the jokes he had made in the past about the most tragic event had been identified.”

“In the short time left before the Opening Ceremony, we sincerely apologize for any wrongdoing and frustration at this issue to the many Olympic participants, as well as citizens of Japan and around the world,” he said. committee.

Kobayashi, best known for his work as a comedian, actor and theater director, appeared in 1998 as part of a comedy show. Frame. During the filming, Kobayashi and Jin Katagiri performed a series of exercises that coincided with a children’s educational program. Kobayashi referred to the paper doll cuts, describing them as “what you said ‘let’s play the Nazi Holocaust,’” according to him. AFP news agency.

His words met with laughter from the audience.

Pictures were shared on the Internet and has been criticized by Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga who said the comments were “disgusting and unacceptable.”

Kobayashi apologized and told the same thing story: “I am doing a good job of entertaining people. It doesn’t have to be this way that I make people feel uncomfortable. I realize then that my stupid speech at the time was wrong, and I’m sorry. ”

His departure comes just days after one of the singers, Keigo Oyamada, resigned from his job when an interview with older magazines resumed where he admitted to bullying other children at school, including a classmate who had a learning disability.

The committee called Oyamada’s actions “illegal. ” The four-minute episode of the show where his songs are supposed to be sung has now been cut.

There is no guarantee of how Kobayashi’s departure will affect the program or whether changes could be expected to reduce its offering.

The opening ceremony will be the beginning of the Olympic Games and is often a spectacular display, showcasing the wonders of the nation that has been performing and establishing a good sporting tone.

This year’s show is expected to be even bigger less problem, says Reuters. Plague-stricken games were criticized after a scuffle several runners The COVID trial by Tokyo shows the number of cases.


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