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New York will ‘come back to life’ when most of the remaining Covid laws are repealed

New York raised almost all of Covid’s remaining laws Tuesday, 15 months after a deadly plague forced the largest city in America to close, destroying its small businesses and killing more than 33,000 people.

Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, announced the event at a grand ceremony at the One World Trade Center – a reconstruction building after the September 11 attacks – aimed at making a declaration of victory after the war.

“Remember June 15, remember today! Because it’s the day New York woke up again, “Cuomo said.

New York decided on the same day that California, another Covid destructive zone, also lifted a number of restrictions. Both countries have done so after achieving a one-to-one vaccination rate of more than 70% as a precautionary measure.

As a result, masks and anti-bullying agents that have dominated daily life in two US states for more than a year are no longer regulated in restaurants, movies, shopping malls, sports events, workplaces and other places. Or, as Cuomo said: “Now we can go back to life as we know it.”

Masks will still be needed for public mobility as these are regulated by state regulations.

The moves are associated with other green shoots for restoration. A study published by Business Roundtable showed that trust among American top executives reached a similar level between the first and second quarters of the year. Its members expect the US economy to grow by 5% this year, up from previous forecasts of 3.7%, and the jumps that are taking place in writing and selling money.

New York City has been crawling into culture ever since very dark days of the epidemic over the past year, when life came to a standstill and the sirens sounded – many transporting Covid patients to the hospital – filled the air.

The reopening of New York and California comes though it’s too late Global vaccination work, and the number of vaccines in some states lags far behind. In Wyoming, Louisiana and Alabama, less than half of adults received the same rate, and the legal costs are higher.

People dying in the US say Covid-19 surpasses 600,000 Tuesday, according to a report by Johns Hopkins University.

Recent cases of coronavirus

Follow FT’s description of the global epidemic and the rapidly changing economic crisis Pano.

As new infections begin to decline in New York City, unspoiled restaurants are back. Rental rates have increased over the past two months, despite lower rents, and the city’s culture has begun. Tickets have been sold out at the Broadway show, one of the biggest draws in New York, which will resume in September.

But the return of staff to city offices, especially in Midtown Manhattan, has been futile. Only 20.7% of employees have done this, according to Kastle Systems, an office security company. This has led to questions about how to effectively manage the market for a new time to work remotely.

Several banks have ordered their employees to return to their desks in the coming weeks, and many employers believe that the office, the city’s financial center, very rebound by September.

Kathryn Wylde, President of the Union of New York City, a group of employers, said Tuesday’s announcement was “the light that colleagues have been waiting for to bring workers to work”.

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