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New Year’s Eve flight has begun with difficulty | Business and Economic Affairs

More than 1,300 flights were suspended in the United States on Friday and 1,001 were canceled Saturday.

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New Year’s Eve flight started off hard on Friday morning, with more than 1,300 flights canceled in the US and 1,000 canceled on Saturday.

JetBlue Airways Corp. had launched 145 flights, or 14% of its time, by 12:17 pm in New York, according to, while Allegiant Travel Co. banned 91 times, or 19%. United Airlines Holdings Inc. surveyed a number of airlines among US carriers, 210, representing 11% of its operations.

All failures reached Friday 1,359, and 1,001 had already left Saturday. Prohibition rates dropped sharply this morning, as did Thursday.

Carriers have been struggling with a shortage of staff while the variability of the coronavirus omicron has caused infections to jump. The state of New York City, where the change took place for the first time in the US, has been experiencing a ban for the past two days.

“You have a lot of vaccines among airline workers but, because of the omicron, I think skipping is higher than you expect,” Raymond James Savanthi Syth expert said on Bloomberg Television. The planes have been notified “during a time of crisis in the US”

Air travel in the US is almost double that of last year, before vaccination made aircraft safer. The Transportation Security Administration showed up 2.05 million people on Thursday.

The National Weather Service newspaper warned that dangerous conditions would bring a New Year’s Day, with snow falling in the western mountains. Figures can exceed 3 feet higher in Utah and Colorado. A tragic event foreshadows New Year’s Day from Central Plains to the Great Lakes.

Not all carriers were seriously affected Friday. Delta Air Lines Inc. cut 5% of its flights during the day, by American Airlines Group Inc., 1%, according to FlightAware.

Restricting the border over the increase in these cases also diminished the prospect of international travel. Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. is about to reduce the number of flights to Hong Kong from outside China next month. British Airways plans to suspend flights to the region until March.

The results are likely to continue until the new year. Airlines around the world have dropped about 8.4% of flights scheduled for January over the past four weeks, according to a report from BloombergNEF, which follows the demand for jet fuel.

The decline is growing in Europe, with 15% of January flights being canceled, with some countries imposing new cross-border travel restrictions in an effort to curb the spread of omicron.

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