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Netanyahu’s enemies are pushing for a quick vote to end his 12-year rule Stories by Benjamin Netanyahu

Opponents of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu want a speedy vote to repeal the bill, seeking to overthrow what the Prime Minister and his allies have agreed to undermine. a new covenant.

A new phase of political conflict began just hours after opposition leader Yair Lapid and his ally Naftali Bennett – a mysterious family – announced Wednesday night that they had agreed to form a new government.

The announcement sparked a difficult process that is set to unfold next week, giving Netanyahu time to try to force coalition members to join him to leave the group.

Now the question was whether the 61-vote agreement could be achieved through the votes of the 120 members of the Knesset – and who will lead them?

Netanyahu has accused former allies of entering the alliance by offering wing wings. His supporters have shown and implemented bad media coverage, repeating the message Netanyahu sent last week as the new deal was approved.

One of the things that favors Netanyahu: A parliamentary speaker and a colleague who could use his position to delay the vote and give Netanyahu more time to break the agreement.

The Prime Minister and his colleagues convened a meeting on Thursday to prepare for action, and it is unclear whether the opposition will elect a new speaker to lead the Knesset vote to secure the new government.


If that happens, Lapid and his various political allies will end Netanyahu’s 12-year history.

Under the agreement, Lapid and Bennett will share the role of Prime Minister around. Bennett, a former colleague of Netanyahu, has been in custody for the first two years, while Lapid is due to serve for the last two years – although it is unknown whether their weak relationship will continue.

The alliance also includes the United Arab Emirates, which would make the first Palestinian state of Israel a ruling party in Israel.

Netanyahu, determined to remain in office in the fight against corruption, is expected to do everything possible in the coming days to prevent the new alliance from gaining power. If he fails, he is pushed into opposition.

Political analysts expect Netanyahu to try to seize the so-called “slightly lesser fruit”, seizing members of the Yamina party – the Bennett party – who are unhappy with communications with Palestinian lawmakers and the left.

Tamar Zandberg, Meretz’s parliament, acknowledged the difficulty of getting a party affiliation in place.

“The test of the agreement … they have sworn. This is not going to be easy and difficult,” he told Radio Thursday.

Netanyahu, who has not yet responded to Lapid’s announcement, oversees 30 seats in the 120-member Knesset, nearly double the Lapid Yesh Atid party, and affiliates with three other religious and national parties.

Stakeholders in the negotiations said the new government would try to maintain unity by avoiding ideological issues such as the occupation or abandonment of West Bank territories in Palestine.

Mr Bennett said the establishment of an independent Palestine would be suicidal in Israel. He planned to take over some of the territories that Israel had seized during the 1967 war as a major part of its politics, but to pursue this with a new alliance seems to be impossible politically.

And any renewed violence in the Gaza Strip, the end of 11 days of gunfire as Israeli forces crack down on returnees from rockets, could shake the alliance.

Naftali Bennett, left, and Yair Lapid are leading the coalition [Ammar Awad/Amir Cohen/Reuters]


During his tenure as Prime Minister, Netanyahu was often an intruder at home and abroad.

He also said the Bennett-Lapid agreement could jeopardize Israel’s security – a move to curb Iran’s nuclear program and improve the Palestinian cause.

Lapid, a centrist who campaigned for a “reversal of madness” in Israel, was given the task of forming a government after Netanyahu failed to do so in the March election.

Netanyahu’s opponents have said his accusations are a major reason why Israel wants a new leader, saying it could use new terms to create more security.

“This government … will honor its opponents and do all it can to unite and unite all parts of Israel,” Lapid said on Twitter.

This new government, under oath, faces many challenges. In addition, Iran is a peacemaker with the Palestinian people, and is facing a series of international war crimes cases in which the Supreme Court has resumed and revived the economy after the coronavirus epidemic.

Mr Bennett said members should be flexible in order to get the country back on track.

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