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N Korea could resume testing nuclear weapons, remote: State media | War Stories

Pyongyang condemns US “hostility” as experts warn of a return to “violence of violence and punishment”.

North Korea’s ruling politburo party, led by President Kim Jong Un, has called for a re-launch of a moratorium on nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) as it seeks to strengthen the country’s military. against a “hostile” United States, government journalists also said.

The state-run Rodong Sinmun newspaper quoted members of the politburo as saying it was looking at “revisiting the issue of all operations, which were temporarily suspended”, apparently referring to the forced suspension of nuclear and ICBM nuclear weapons launches in 2017.

In recent months, Pyongyang has intensified its opposition to the leadership of US President Joe Biden as well. a series of ballistic missile tests, including what has been described as a new hypersonic cycle.

Wednesday’s meeting was held following a series of four tests this month new punishments from the US.

NK News, the most active in North Korea, said Thursday that despite recent tests, no one has affected ICBM.

But it said North Korea unveiled its new ICBM, named Hwasong-17, on the military in October 2020.

In a radio interview, Jean Lee, a senior associate at the Wilson Center, a global think tank based in Washington, described North Korea’s recent release as “dangerous.”

The last time North Korea tested a nuclear bomb existed September 2017, and his final ICBM exam was two months later.

The experiment, during the tenure of US President Donald Trump, sparked an unprecedented meeting between the North Korean leader and the US president.

Kim Jong Un met with US President Donald Trump in Singapore in 2018 and in Hanoi the following year, but talks were disrupted over Kim’s plans to lift sanctions. The denuclearization negotiations were suspended.

‘More pressure’

Under Biden’s leadership, the US is urging the United Nations Security Council to increase international sanctions against North Korea. Thursday convened an open-air council meeting to discuss the issue.

The KCNA quoted North Korean officials as saying that US risks “are increasingly increasing by the day”.

“In particular the current US government is working hard to seize the DPRK’s right to self-defense,” he said of North Korea and its official name.

The summit also saw that the US conducted “hundreds of military operations” with Seoul, as well as “sending modern weapons to South Korea” which “poses a serious threat” to Pyongyang’s security, KCNA said.

In a test last week of a hypersonic weapon, government journalists quoted Kim Jong Un’s words urging scientists to take action to create a “North”war muscles”Despite the financial damage caused by sanctions, as well as the closure of the border where the coronavirus epidemic broke out.

South Korea’s Yonhap newspaper reported that Pyongyang could launch a series of weapons tests in the coming days and weeks to “continue to pressure the US”.

North Korea is set to celebrate an important month in the coming months, including the 80th birthday of Kim Jong-il’s father, Kim 16, and the 110th birthday of his late grandmother, Kim Il-sung, on April 15.

“What is happening on the Korean Peninsula seems to be on the verge of a return to the worst forms of violence and sanctions, as was the case in 2017,” Yang Moo-jin, a professor at the University of North Korea Studies, told the Yonhap newspaper. .

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