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Myth: Taiwan fights drug war as COVID rises | Social Issues

Taipei, Taiwan – Rinse your mouth with warm water for 30 minutes and swallow makes your stomach acid kill COVID-19. Regular baths also help to prevent infection.

These are just some of the tips provided in the form of five minutes of listening of a woman who is said to be a parliamentarian in Taiwan Tsai Pi-ru who was on the LINE online program last week.

We come up with a phrase in Chinese grammar: “It’s very important! Listen to the whole thing! I’m sharing about Tsai Pi-ru (information), I listened twice, for you to hear.”

The audio videos and all the advice are false and Tsai, a trained nurse who volunteered for medical treatment during the epidemic, has moved swiftly to eliminate them. But such publications have begun to circulate on Taiwanese TV from the island a very dangerous plague however of COVID-19 launched earlier this month.

Puma Shen, director of the DoubleThink Labs, a Taipei-based NGO, said: “Since May 12 (the day after Taiwan’s announcement of community coverage), there have been a number of reports trying to provoke terror in Taiwan.” it follows distractions and illuminates the digital.

Violence-promoting activities have been seen differently in the past month, he said.

First, he appeared on Twitter accounts, then on YouTube and on private and public channels on LINE. Later, word-of-mouth messages claiming to be of the highest quality in Taiwan became available.

In recent days, false reports from media outlets such as the Liberty Times left and pro-democracy in Hong Kong Apple Daily have also been posted on a Facebook page targeting animal lovers and supporters of President Tsai Ing-wen, alleging that he and other political officials had secretly engaged. COVID-19, Shen said.

False rumors have also been compounded by what Shen calls “media” his writings as China offers to sell its COVID-19 vaccine in Taiwan, which struggled last year to reach a total population of 23 million people – though the domestic vaccine is due to come out in the summer.

Sowing conflict is fear

While the anonymous campaign is not uncommon in Taiwan, where it is supervised by Chinese fattening machines and assisted locally, the latest COVID-19 campaign affects health.

Over the weekend, Deputy Interior Minister Chen Tsung-yen said the president’s remarks were “really false news” similar to the “war against the Taiwanese people.

“Compared to last year, this year is the worst and the worst and one of the reasons people are so scared,” said Robin Lee, project manager for MyGoPen, an independent Taiwanese institute whose English name is similar to Taiwan’s pronunciation. ” Don’t lie “.

Taiwan has enacted COVID-19 to address the new outbreak of the virus, which has also been linked to the flood of deceptive propaganda [Chiang Ying-ying/AP Photo]

The people of Taiwan have been informed mainly of the false news last month because they are fighting the end of the world over a year and a half after being infected with the virus.

Although daily cases range from 200 to 300 – as low as in neighboring countries like Japan – the outbreak is still very dangerous but still very rare in some areas.

Last year, Taiwan spent more than 250 days without a single case of local coronavirus until the end of April, with the number of local cases reaching about 1,200 due to the interconnected program and a 14-day remaining stay.

However, the recent expansion has been linked by pilots to China Airlines – which should go private – and has prompted the government to close schools on the island for the first time since early 2020 and invite citizens to work from home if possible.

A false island

As the test site quickly came around Taiwan and returned in panic, with the temporary removal of parts of many grocery stores, false news came back. But this time around, most of the text and text messages seem clearer.

In the past, false stories and false propaganda from China were easy to spot: Simple Chinese (used in the highlands) sometimes entered or contained words that the same Taiwanese might surprise. But this time around keeping new records seems to be the most reliable.

New listening messages supported by Chinese government agencies are now flowing. According to a 2020 report from the American cybersecurity firmed Recorded Future, Taiwanese people are now paid between $ 730 and $ 1,460 a month to post social media – close to the island’s monthly salary – to record and record this.

While Facebook cracked down on fake news and fake news, virus messages have migrated to LINE, YouTube, Instagram, and PTT, a Taiwanese Reddit brand. Recent polls focused on COVID-19 but also won Taiwan elections in 2020 with Tsai who was running for re-election as president.

Zongchai, the CDC’s Shiba Inu mascot, is reminding citizens to stay away from wearing masks on their faces to end the COVID-19 epidemic.

Much of this work, but not all of it, has been linked to the United Front Work department in China, the Communist Youth League, and an independent online group, according to the US for Center for Strategic and International Study.

Some of the products made in other countries are Taiwanese people who can connect with China, who say they own the island, or who do not like Tsai’s supervisors, CSIS said.

The videos, in particular, were found on farms used by Chinese tribes in Malaysia, says DoubleThink Labs’ Shen.

Good rebellion

MyGoPen and the Taiwan FactCheck Center are the only two organizations working in the region to end fraudulent campaigns, post false news on their website and share information on TV accounts.

The Center for Disease Control sets up their day-to-day meetings in a number of platforms to inform Taiwanese about the latest statistics and medical procedures but also relies on jokes and memes to deal with the information.

A successful campaign has featured Zongchai, the Center for Disease Control’s Shiba You mascot dogs. Zongchai is frequently found in messages from the CDC related to recent cases and practical advice, such as the appropriate length of distance between people: for example the length of the three Shiba Inus connected to the nose.

While helpful, the message also praises Taiwanese people for its beautiful memes, while Taiwan’s dictator Chiang Kai-shek has been given photographic support in LINE letters from his one-time party, Kuomintang.

The Zongchai pigeon dove, which regularly announces a change of pace in Taiwan, is all part of its “2-2-2” response to fraud: reply in 20 minutes with 200 words and two images that make “funny rumors” .

(Translation: Post from 24/5/2021. ‘Suspected burns of Wanhua pneumonia’. False propaganda on this page]

The so-called “meme engineering” is aimed at “publishing the message in a humorous way so that you can share it,” Taiwan’s digital minister Audrey Tang told the French Foundation for Strategic Research in April last year.

But for anyone pretty Shiba You sent the CDC, another fake message appears.

Earlier this week, MyGoPen also falsely claimed that the US had received so much vaccination that it began to treat cats and dogs. The report also said that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is only 29.5% effective despite scientific reports support prices of more than 90 percent for the original virus and new species

What you can be sure of is this: while Taiwan is actively fighting to eradicate this infectious disease, it is working twice to eradicate these false evidence.

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