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Mr Johnson of the UK faces probation for unpaid overhaul | Stories by Boris Johnson

The Electoral Commission in the United Kingdom opened an inquiry Wednesday in the matter of renovating the house of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, saying there were doubts as to whether the case had taken place.

Eight days before the election in England and in the Welsh and Scottish by-elections, Johnson faces a number of lawsuits since he misrepresented the COVID-19 in a series of questions that came out of his office.

“We are now satisfied that there is good reason to suspect that an error or omission has been made,” the Electoral Commission said of funding for a house above Number 11 Downing Street where Johnson lives.

“We will continue this work as a research project to see if this is the case,” he added.

The inquiry will determine whether any activity related to this activity is in line with the Electoral Commission’s mandate and whether such funds have been identified as necessary.

If they are found to be frustrated, and there is enough evidence, the Electoral Commission may impose fines or refer the matter to the police.

PICTURE ACTIVITY: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he has paid for the renovations [File: Hollie Adams/Pool via Reuters]

When asked in the UK Parliament on Wednesday who had paid the first invoices for the redevelopment, Johnson said he had paid the bill and had fully complied with cabinet rules and procedures.

“The answer is that I paid the bill,” Johnson said in an interview with Labor Party opposition leader Keir Starmer, who made Johnson a “Major Sleaze”.

Although Johnson has for years been plagued by gaffes, Brexit’s troubles and self-disclosure, he is now facing a series of lawsuits in which critics say he is unfit to work and that his government is full of filth.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Starmer said Johnson was selecting a £ 840 ($ 1,164) roll of paper in the midst of trouble.

Downing Street House

When asked last month about the renovation, Johnson’s spokesman said all donations and gifts were properly announced, and no Conservative Party funds were used to pay for it.

Johnson has a $ 30,000 ($ 42,000) annual tax to maintain and maintain his house, but each of the above must meet with the Prime Minister.

Officials say Johnson paid for the job himself, but it is not known when he paid for it, and if it was repaired, he said it cost 200,000 pounds ($ 280,000) originally paid with some kind of debt. Under political law, Johnson would have had to announce this.

Opponents say that if the money came from a Conservative Party sponsor, this could raise the question of whether to do business.

Johnson was asked in Parliament whether his amendment had been paid for by Conservative Party sponsor David Brownlow.

“The answer is that I covered the price,” Johnson said.

Former Prime Minister Dominic Cummings says Johnson wants donors to pay for secret repairs [Hannah McKay/Reuters]

Dominic Cummings, who was Johnson’s main adviser on the Brexit campaign and helped him win the 2019 elections before the violence last year, said Friday that Johnson wants donors to pay for a secret renovation.

Cummings reportedly told the Prime Minister that the plans were “inappropriate, stupid, probably illegal”.

In another potentially damaging case, the Daily Mail on Sunday quoted anonymous individuals as saying that, in October, shortly after the second closure, Johnson told a rally in Downing Street: over a thousand. ”

When asked in Parliament whether he had used the term, Johnson repeatedly denied it.

“No,” said Johnson. “I did not say those words.”

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