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Morning After: An electric motorcycle that speeds up through the in-app charge


The new Zero Motorcycles electric motorcycle is taking the best of the 2020s a while to upgrade. Revealed yesterday, its 2022 SR gives you the opportunity to ‘push’ software upgrades to get it up.


Bicycle includes Cypher Store, and if you plan to make the most of 2022 SR, you should spend some time (and money) in it. Initially, Cypher Store will offer a mix of functionality and comfort. It will grow later to sell stocks that support shapes like parks, hot grips and fast charging. Naturally this can be done on any bike, but the app will ‘open up’ to users. Zero says how much you will pay for the extra depends on the type you have.

The 2022 SR, with a top speed of 104 miles per hour will start at $ 17,995 when it starts selling sales in the first half of 2022. But with $ 1,795 in-app purchases, the power boost increases, allowing the 2022 SR to go faster. at 124 MPH.

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But first they could be delivered as a bundle.

AT&T released its share of WarnerMedia and merged it with Discovery in a $ 43 billion deal. The merger, which is about to expire in the middle of 2022, could make its two advertising services a joint venture for subscribers. According to Gizmodo, president and CEO of Discovery Streaming and International, JB Perrette, will discuss ways to get there. It can start by offering HBO Max and Discovery + as a bundle, before combining the two. One less program, isn’t it? One more way…

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Some bags are sewn.

The Morning After


Samsung says the new silhouette helps “make legs.”

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These tools will help them create better content and popularity online.

You do not need to understand the world of human nature to buy the gifts of TikTokers, Instagrammers, YouTubers and viewers in your life. We guide you to some great extras for those who sit in front of the green screen. Or a green curtain, if they don’t!

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The judge did not purchase the Blue Origin defense.

Blue Origin has failed in its lawsuit against NASA over the SpaceX moon contract. CNBC says the Federal Court of Claims has ruled against Blue Origin, denying the company’s claims. Blue Origin’s case involved what NASA ignored “aviation safety requirements” in providing the Human Landing System to SpaceX.

In a tweet, Bezos said: “Not the decision we want, but we respect the court’s decision, and we want NASA and SpaceX’s victory in the alliance.” NASA said it would resume working with SpaceX “soon” following the decision.

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You can ‘own’ a history from the club’s history.

FC Barcelona, ​​one of the biggest football clubs, is selling the NFTs “based on the club’s history.” More is a necessity right now, but it seems the club will allow fans to offer great views in a similar way to the NBA Top Shot.

Barcelona’s decision to sell the NFTs may have been sparked by the club’s debt crisis, with debt estimated at $ 1.56 billion this summer. The former team leader is accused of misuse of paying high salaries to a number of players who did not perform well. This summer, the club were forced to release Lionel Messi, one of the best players in the world.

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