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Don’t wait for the new PS5 or Ebike to arrive on vacation


MC: Good. What is it all about? Wheel of Time.

AS: It’s too late. It’s another story of “One”. It’s like the world is coming to an end, there’s one dude that’s born again and we have to find him, we find him. That is why I have just briefly told you all 14 books, like destruction, and laughter. So that’s the whole point of it. I’m sure there are some commenters who might want to explain the points, but that’s all, there are a lot of dresses and stuff.

MC: When does the Amazon list come out? How much time do I have? Because it takes me eight years to read a book.

AS: The reason is available on November 19, and there are a lot of people who are really excited about it.

MC: That is not enough time. You would have told me this in January.

AS: Sorry, I’m not letting you know.

MC: All right. Wheel of Time Books.

AS: Rosamund Pike is in the cart! She looks amazing. It will be good.

MC: Wheel of Time Books. Thanks for that. Accounting work. Lauren, what do you think?

AS: All 14. I will not settle for anything.

MC: Lauren, what do you think?

LG: My point is, I think it’s not as fun as Adrienne but it’s pretty good. That’s it Lincoln

MC: Yes, how exciting would it be to read 14 books a week?

LG: I recommend Lincoln services. I’m a little behind on that. It was first released last winter, winter 2021 on CNN. Now available on HBO Max. Everything is on HBO Max, dad, I love HBO Max. It’s not fun to think, just a little note here, a little if you would like, to think about how HBO Max changed so much in the past, we were all like, what are they doing? It’s scary, what happened to Go? And now it’s Max. And is there an HBO Min? What is this? And then the app interface really is still pretty awesome. Just like if you’re trying to watch HBO Max on an iPad, all the best is that.

But they have all the good things now, the whole list, which they have Follow-up and film Dune, and so on. So now I’ve been watching this Lincoln miniseries, and six articles on President Abraham Lincoln. That’s great; as told by Sterling K. Brown. It has photos and more you have never seen before. There’s a little – what’s called? A classic scene, where there are actors you see unfamiliarly, like a tall, dark-haired man who is supposed to be Lincoln. But a lot of historians help with the speech, and it’s fun.

And really, I think, how can I say this, in our modern world I think we like to be very busy with people who are heroes or terrorists, and also very high or very successful or powerful. people are a little more and more complex than that. And I think Lincoln is a fanatic, and it just repeats the idea that I think people believe he was a strong opponent, and it was a lot harder than that. So I’m in the third round, but I really like it so far and I’ll probably watch it all. That’s why I recommend watching Lincoln miniseries on HBO Max.


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