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Microsoft Outlook on iOS enhances the interpretation of emails, search and calendar calls

As of 2019, Microsoft’s Cortana affiliate has allowed you to do so listen to the incoming emails in the Outlook Outbox. About two years later, Microsoft is Voice creation is a very important part of viewing in Outlook. Starting with the iOS app (and Android tracking), you can use your voice to order emails, schedule meetings and search.

To view the new Outlook functionality, click the icon floating at the top of the app’s bar and press “Use Voice”. You can ask Cortana things like “When will my next team meet?” or complex requests such as “Schedule a meeting with Jill and her team this coming Monday for the Q1 budget.” When planning an event, you can also ask an agent to add more people to the invitation. It is possible to use Cortana to add extras to your emails, and the chat tool gives you the opportunity to respond to emails and compose new ones.

The multi-function utility is a tool of Microsoft’s Graph, which gives the user the desired functionality. This allows Cortana to do things like name your co-workers correctly when you mention them by email.

As About he says, today’s announcement coincides with Microsoft’s strong push to redesign Cortana as a negotiator instead of competing with Alexa and Google Assistant. To this end, the company will soon left Cortana iOS and Android apps.

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