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Arturia FX Collection 2 carries 22 ‘plug-ins’ plugins

Arturia’s the bundle has never been a clear-of-your-buck you should have Analog Lab Lab or even and. Fifteen plugins for $ 399 just aren’t going to look good. But, 22 results… sounds like a very good thing.

FX Collection 2 adopts 15 original plugins – three filters, delays, sentences, preamples and compressors – and then adds four word editing, plus , with three bus challenges, plus one based on the well-known Neve stereo compost and one based on the ’70s Siemens Broadcast console.

All the results are excellent. And if you’ve ever used the Arturia simulation program, you’ll know what to expect. The tools that supported each program are faithfully altered and then quietly developed with hidden controls under the “advanced” panel. But the decorations are the same. If you don’t really like skeuomorphic formats you probably don’t like this FX format. But don’t worry — the words may win you over.


While Comp DIODE-609 and EQ SITRAL-295 (Neve and Siemens tests, respectively) both sound better, Bus FORCE is probably my favorite for new results. It is the first project developed by Arturia that combines EQ, limiter, compressor and saturator. Basically, you can hit it off on any street or for your master and direct it very well.

I really like the circuit-filled area. I am a fan of consistent and distorted noises and this gives to those with a serious problem. In addition, it has a number of modes for adapting and moving around, and you can choose harmonious or abstract ones, or both. And you can turn on or off the cutting edge and set the obedience level. I say, however, that cutting has a huge impact on even my favorite. It sounds a little digital than straight edges and overdrive.

Arturia FX Collection 2


Regarding crunch, the the plugin has been updated with new preamp options that give you the option to clean or scrub. I was very fond of fun , and the addition of a germanium preamp just makes me love it so much. If you would like to skip the original preamp with one germanium, you can also turn off the original preamp. Then you can bring your own or just keep it and keep it clean.

All the other results have not been dramatically updated, but there are some new tutorials that can help you find a place, a simple browser that has been adopted from V options with 200 new ones.

While the lack of major changes to existing plugins may be a problem for some who already have FX Collection, for those who are just starting the list it will not be a problem. The program of , , , , etcetera are all still alive and all still feel dangerous.

Together they form a solid reorganization. And, as of June 25th FX Collection 2 is selling for only $ 299 which makes it all fun.

Arturia FX Collection 2


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