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Metaverse Has Its First Art Show


Online publications and IMVU’s social networking site grew by 44 percent during the epidemic; now attracts 7 million users a month, most of them women and men as well as those between the ages of 18 and 24. Clothing made by fellow users – manufacturers, in terms of branding – purchased with the right record paid for real money. The idea of ​​IMVU is to connect almost with friends and create new ones, but shopping is not a small part of the attraction on this page. The IMVU store has 50 million items manufactured by 200,000 manufacturers. Billions, or $ 14 million, exchange more than 27 million events each month. “I buy it because I am,” as Barbara Kruger said in her famous cartoon in 1990, it also sounds great in the electronic world.

Lindsay Anne Aamodt, head of marketing at the site, said: “Fashion is at the core of what makes people make avatars and connect with others on IMVU.” “One of the reasons is that wearing an avatar in digital makes it possible for people to get whatever they want, and it’s hard to do exactly that.” On the eve of the 2019 Met Gala, for example, there were the famous red bags that watched IMVU cameras before they stopped flashing. “Whenever there is something big in pop culture or culture, they are always on IMVU,” Aamodt confirms. Users display themselves in fashion, create model organizations, and participate in award-winning ceremonies. When the first days of the Covid-19 plague began to bring musicians to digital like IMVU, where they could make movies without real production, Aamodt showed him.

Now, he is leading the first demonstration of its kind on IMVU that combines real characters Hill Road, Gypsy games, All right, Freak City, Bruce Glen, My Mum Made It, and Mimi Wade are creative professionals who know their 3D mesching techniques that produce IMVU clothing and accessories. The video will be played on May 27, after which IMVU users can purchase and wear their avatars on the design they saw on the street.

Avatar is a stranger, the author of Gypsy Sport.

Courtesy of IMVU

Mowalola Avatar.

Courtesy of IMVU

The viewing section now, the purchase now makes it different from Crossing the Animal a fashion show that took place in May last year, when the closed stand made the current event impossible. Similarly the level of 3D IMVU avatars. “This goes beyond just branding on a digital T-shirt or ‘pixel pants,'” says Aamodt. “I would love to see two things happen: I want to see people looking at different fashions and lenses – not just wearing a dress on their avatar, but looking at Collina Strada or the Contributions and becoming more creative in this regard. a place for public viewing, where there is a real opportunity to put up banners, enhance the brand, and display the brand. ”He adds:” It’s one thing to see a business over and over again. It’s one thing to do Instagram Live. and I get the chance, this is just the tip of the iceberg. ”

The manufacturers on the IMVU line are not very advanced, but they are all criminals in some way. As a proponent of stability, Hillary Taymour of Collina Strada was a sport to try her hand at real clothes. “There’s a way to create a training brand or a descriptive brand, rather than just a marketing brand,” Taymour said. Celebrities while, with the help of Gucci, he created a video game before the fall of ’21 when the mission struggled with climate change. At IMVU, Taymour’s avatars will wear costumes that sell IRL, as well as other fun accessories. “I’m not connected to the digital – my leisure time, I want to go to sleep on a rock near the river – but I think it’s a way to do things,” he says. “I’m a very small race, I don’t have a team to do anything I want to do.” Allows the Nigerian-born Ombudsman, who has a well-known name and is working with Kanye West on his new project Yeezy Gap, emphasizes the presence of IMVU. He says: “I enjoyed the idea of ​​doing something by hand because I had never done it before. “It was an idea that could be anything, and that people could have it right away, in all places, instead of just waiting to make, in stores.”

Collina Strada’s avatars will ride on simulated animals.

Courtesy of IMVU

Hill Road Courtesy of IMVU
Hill Road Courtesy of IMVU

Rio Uribe of Gypsy Sport is involved in a show in the real world and approx. His most recent IRL tour was celebrating his Chicano heritage; on IMVU, its avatars will emulate its color and other people it has worked with, with the exception of dark blue and green skin and other earthy. “Starting in New York City, and going to the Gypsy universe, which is a similar world where all bodies are legal and fashion is not appropriate, because we would be naked, but it’s a good way to express your feelings,” he said. Sport for the people, which is why we are repeating the previous form but giving them the opportunity to go beyond the Met Gala, “he adds.” Perhaps one of these pieces could be shown at the Met someday. “


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