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A cable to allow Eufy security camera owners to receive food for guests


Owners of Anker Eufy security cameras is beginning to have a major privacy problem. As 9to5Mac reports, users at Anker’s circles and Reddit have suddenly found themselves with other surveillance cameras, including digital cameras and account information. Checking out and re-checking seems to solve the problem (as you are using it Home Security Video), but this clearly shows that an unsuspecting user may hate another.

This problem does not seem to be small in the region. While Australian and New Zealand users have documented multiple events so far, other users in the US have experienced the same problem.

We have asked Anker to explain, although the owners say they have been asked to re-enter – the company may be aware of the problem. There’s no real explanation, though, and we don’t know if there’s a fix. In the meantime, you may want to stop using your cameras until it becomes clear that no one is looking for an unsightly appearance in your home.

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