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May Day protesters demand workers’ rights in the midst of the epidemic | Stories in Bosnia-Herzegovina


Workers and gang leaders have removed masculine flags and flags left behind by coronaviruses to stop them but are moving heavily on May Day, demanding greater security in the workplace between the plague that has devastated the economy and the workplace.

In countries that mark May 1 as International Women’s Day, the annual celebration of workers’ rights was easily seen during the epidemic: a large and crowded crowd, protesters marching shoulder to shoulder with punches behind placards.

But in Turkey and the Philippines, police have banned protests in May Day, urging that no viruses be detected.

In Istanbul, a few working leaders were allowed to put up a wreath at Taksim Square, but violent police prevented many others from reaching. The Progressive Lawyers’ Association says more than 200 people have been arrested.

Demonstrators, dressed in black, clashed with police in Paris as thousands of people marched on May Day protests across France to demand economic and economic justice and protest against government demands to change the benefits of unemployment.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck, and the windows of the bank were smashed to pieces.

About 300 meetings were held in cities including Lyon, Nantes, Lille and Toulouse.

For labor leaders, the day was a test that could motivate workers to deal with the financial crisis.

The face masks most people wear were a reminder of how life has changed since the last celebration of May Day in 2019, before the coronavirus epidemic broke out on lives and lives and violated human rights, often combined with freedom of expression.

Other cases, suppressed by coronavirus antibodies, have never been more severe than before. But it still serves as a place to address the concerns of workers and security.


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