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Many US airlines have been suspended as Omicron worsens staff crises | Coronavirus Plague News

More than 850 flights were suspended by Wednesday afternoon and added about 1,300 cancellations Tuesday, and about 1,500 Monday.

Hundreds of planes were suspended Wednesday because the Omicron diversity is causing confusion for passengers and planes that are supposed to connect pilots such as pilots, pilots and crew members who have been infected or exposed to other patients.

More than 850 flights were suspended by midday on Wednesday and the number has risen sharply throughout the day, according to FlightAware flight information. There were about 1,300 flights on or off the United States on Tuesday, and about 1,500 on Monday.

The suspension began to intensify just before Christmas Day when planes had already begun to shake at this time of year.

Delta, United and JetBlue have all said that Omicron’s diversity is causing problems for staff operators whose flights have been canceled.

SkyWest led U.S. carriers with a 195 ban, followed by United with 158 and Delta with 103. SkyWest, a Utah regional airliner, was severely damaged by a hurricane that hit several of its locations, but it reported similar staffing issues. due to COVID-19.

In the northwest Pacific it was freezing cold over the weekend. Among U.S. airports, Seattle-Tacoma had the highest rides and departures on Wednesday, according to FlightAware.

Omicron has exacerbated the problem of aviation workers, which overcame the crew in 2020 when the flights crashed, only worsening as vaccine prices rose and millions of people are free to fly again this year.

This could interpret the movement of the head to hundreds of thousands of people as a ban on reservation of current travel over the weekend. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) hopes that Monday after New Year will be one of the busiest days of the holiday.

According to a TSA study, the number of people flying during the holiday season exceeds last year – before the COVID-19 vaccine – but is still on the 2019 numbers.

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