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Many Maoist terrorists have been killed in the Indian War | Conflict Issues

Three special commandos were also injured in a long-running battle in the dense jungles of Gadchiroli district.

At least 26 Maoist militants have been killed in a shootout with Indian government forces in a remote forest, according to media reports on the most recent war in the country.

Police say three commandos were seriously injured in a long-running clash on Saturday in the dense jungles of Gadchiroli district, about 1,000km (620 km) east of Mumbai, the state capital of Maharashtra. He flew them to Nagpur city for treatment.

Gadchiroli is one of the hottest Maoist areas in the arid state in Central and eastern India where thousands of terrorists are battling government forces.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

“At least 26 Naxals have died,” a Maharashtra police officer told AFP on condition of anonymity.

The Maoists are known as Naxalites because the rebellion of the left wing began in 1967 in the village of Naxalbari in eastern West Bengal.

He said special forces were still searching for people in the area because of gunshots.

Gadchiroli police chief Ankit Goyal also said that on the Indian Express website every day 26 bodies have been found.

“The exact number of injuries and deaths will be determined when the bodies recover,” he said.

A senior terrorist leader is thought to be one of the victims, home media reported.

The deadly conflict in Gadchiroli is the latest in a long line of civil war in India during the 1960’s, which has killed thousands.

The government has sent thousands of troops to fight the insurgents throughout the so-called “Red Corridor”, which runs through several central, southern and eastern states.

The conflict with the Maoists, who claim to be protecting the rights of ethnic groups and other oppressed groups, is. one of the oldest in India and it affects large parts of the country.

It has killed thousands of people and displaced many more since its inception as a terrorist war in the village of Naxalbari in East West Bengal in 1967.

According to the South Asia Terrorism Portal, 10,901 people – including civilians, terrorists and security forces – have been killed in Maoist-related violence in India since 2000.

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