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Malaysia’s 1MDB and former allies are vying for $ 23bn | Business and Financial Issues


Malaysian Treasury Fund 1MDB and a former colleague filed 22 lawsuits on Monday seeking to recover more than $ 23bn from items and people allegedly robbed.

The Malaysian finance ministry said on Monday that the 1MDB registrar and former partner had filed a lawsuit in 22 courts to recover more than $ 23bn from corporations and individuals.

The 1MDB fund was established by former Prime Minister Najib Razak in 2009 but raised billions of debts and led to research in the United States and several other countries. U.S. investigators say more than $ 4.5bn was stolen from 1MDB and cleared by Najib’s colleagues.

Finance Minister Zafrul Abdul Aziz said efforts to rehabilitate the government were now looking to “pursue other culprits” who have sued 1MDB and SRC International following a good deal with US Goldman Sachs, AmBank Group of Malaysia and Deloitte PLT.

Earlier this month, 1MDB sued nine corporations including 25 foreign financial institutions and individuals for various offenses including breach of trust, fraud and negligence. The SRC sued 22 cases against 15 individuals and eight organizations for the same offenses.

The two companies are opposed to the unions and the people were “unfairly encouraged by receiving funding from 1MDB or SRC”, the ministry said in a statement that did not name any organizations or individuals.

“The government will not rest until all participants have been fully accountable for the crimes committed in the country through participation” in 1MDB and SRC, Zafrul said in a statement.

Malaysia received 10g billion ($ 2.5bn) from Goldman Sachs last August. The ministry said the government would also receive 2.83 billion ($ 689m) from AmBank Group and 336 million ringgit ($ 80m) from Deloitte.

The 1MDB saga sparked public outrage which led to the defeat of the Najib-led coalition in the 2018 elections.

Najib was found guilty last year and sentenced to 12 years in prison for the first counts of fraud linked to 1MDB. He is appealing the verdict.


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