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The Clubhouse App will be available worldwide for Android by May 21st


Illustration of the story Clubhouse Announces That Its App Available on Android Worldwide by Friday

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To meet Software download download on iOS In recent months, Clubhouse has one thing to say: Hello, Android.

Social networking site announced Sunday in the town hall would be on sale to Android users worldwide on Friday afternoon, May 21st. Ineon Twitter, the Clubhouse will begin expanding Japan, Brazil and Russia on Tuesday. The company said it will increase its availability in other countries throughout the week, indicating that it will launch in Nigeria and India on Friday morning.

Clubhouse told Gizmodo Sunday that he did started its first wave about the Android beta launch in the US last week. Eventually, the company re-launched its program in New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and the UK. The clubhouse says the app is not only an invitation, but also that people can download the app on the Google Play Store, and friends who are on the app can invite them.

Apart from announcing its worldwide growth on Android, Clubhouse said it works similarly in Android and iOS. Products he says The Clubhouse’s Android app still has several features offered on iOS. With the launch of Android last week, he said, users would not be able to track, create or manage a club, link their profiles, pay, or change their names.

While Clubhouse growth on Android is expected, and some may say it’s too late, the program will end I hope that the use of more tools makes it possible to repel lost steam. Since its launch of iOS last year, the app has noticed explosive growth, attracting billions like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Settling around Clubhouse soon it began to fade, though. According to analytics company SensorTower, Clubhouse dropped 2 million in January and then jumped more than 9.5 million in February. Downloads were introduced in March to 2.7 million and then in April, when they dropped to a million.

The reasons for the growth of the Clubhouse in the last few months are still in the air. Some say that the program did well because it started early in the epidemic, a time when most of us were sitting inside and hungry to connect with people. Today, the world is different. Things are opening up again. The vaccine is take off their masks and go externally, so the idea of ​​chatting on the platform alone can be equally unrelated.

The traditional form is different because users have different options. All Big Tech programs are based on the type of Clubhouse. For example, Instagram has given users the opportunity turn off their voice or video when using Instagram Live. Twitter has launched Spaces, which allows users joining real rooms and having real-life conversations with others. Facebook is also working his is the Clubhouse, as it were Connect, Spotify, and Delayed, just to name a few.

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