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Libya: Troops shut down after Haftar seizes borders | Stories of Khalifa Haftar

The announcement comes after Khalifa Haftar’s loyal forces seized control of Algeria.

Libya’s presidency has banned any military presence in the country without permission after rebel commanders of the rebel army, Khalifa Haftar, invaded Algerian border and declared war.

“The Libyan Army Chief of Staff has announced a complete ban on the movement of troops, regardless of their nature, without his approval,” said a press release from the Burkan al-Ghadab (Volcano of Rage) Operation. he said on Saturday in a statement on Twitter.

Prohibition of the movement of “military forces for any reason, or the transfer of personnel, weapons or equipment”, he said.

If possible, the “relocation or relocation” of the troops should take place “according to … with the approval of the Chief Commander”, he added.

Earlier on Saturday, a large military force loyal to Haftar claimed that it had flown south of Essen through Algeria, claiming that the site was a military base where travel was banned.

Pictures posted online show hundreds of armored vehicles around the crossing, which has been closed for several years due to the war in Libya.

This came after Haftar, in a statement on Thursday, announced a mission in the region to “pursue … terrorists and remove African terrorists who threaten security and stability”.

This is the first time that Haftar’s military has been known as the Libyan National Army since the signing of its agreement last year and the unity government.

“Libya has been at peace since the firefighting agreement was signed in October, it is a very important group,” said Malik Traina of Al Jazeera, announcing from Tripoli.

“This is the first time [since then] that such a large army has taken place, ”he added.

Southern reporters told Al Jazeera that the group that arrived on Saturday included Tuareg fighters as well as troops loyal to the brave Muammar Gaddafi.

Libya has been in turmoil since a NATO-backed coup overthrew Gaddafi in 2011 and eventually divided the oil-rich country between the UN-backed government and its rivals in the east, each with the help of military and foreign powers.

In April 2019, Haftar and his eastern team, with the help of Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, launched a campaign to begin capturing Tripoli.

Its 14-month campaign collapsed as Turkey provided the Tripoli government with advanced weapons, troops and a large number of troops.

The October ceasefire resulted in a unitary state, which replaced the two regimes. It is responsible for uniting the divided world and overseeing the presidential and parliamentary elections on December 24.

There were concerns that Haftar’s recent reforms could “disrupt elections and lead to peace”, Traina said.

An international conference on Libya is expected to take place in Germany on June 23. The summit, hosted by the United Nations, is expected to “bring foreign participants … to Berlin to discuss cooperation with the small Libyan government”.

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