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LGBTQ proud flags will not be blown in battlefields: Pentagon | Donald Trump’s story

The election adheres to Trump’s policy of banning Confederate flags from US military plans.

The Pentagon said Friday it would not allow this to happen US military deployment the flying of the rainbow flags in June, in line with a policy enacted by former President Donald Trump that banned flags that could be held low.

Earlier this week, President Joe Biden said nearly 1,500 of his constituents were known to be gay, lesbian, transgender and transgender, announcing the start of the LGBTQ Month.

In July 2020, Trump’s Pentagon provided reasonable grounds flags only for the establishment of troops and are seen as a way for Secretary-Defense Secretary Mark Esper to repeal a law banning the display of the Confederate flag without saying a word.

“There will be no exceptions made this month for a flag of pride, “Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said.

Joseph Fons, carrying a proud flag, stands in front of the United States Supreme Court after ruling that the federal law prohibiting discrimination in the workplace also involves sexual harassment, in Washington, DC, June 15, 2020 [File: Tom Brenner/Reuters]

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

“This is not a sign of disrespect or greed [from] the LGBTQ + community members, staff and uniformed members of the department, ”added Kirby. We are proud of them. ”

A 2015 RAND study found that 5.8% of working members were classified as homosexual.

On his first day in office, Biden signed a memorandum of understanding that to protect LGBTQ people Under all federal laws prohibiting sexual discrimination. Biden also reversed the ban on transgender immigrants who enlisted and worked in the military.

Biden White House also changed Trump’s policy at the time –Secretary of State Mike Pompeo by waving a proud flag and other US ambassadors, including India and Australia, are showing their support for LGBTQ people.

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