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Killing without punishment: Israeli secrecy in Palestine | Conflicts between Israel and Palestine Issues

Ramallah, Staff West Bank – Grief and outrage were evident as women wept, boys sang with fists, and armed men fired shots into the air at the funeral of Ahmed Fahd, 24, at al-Amari refugee camp.

Fahd’s family told Al Jazeera that Israeli undercover agents had arrested and shot him several times around 5:30 am, before leaving him to bleed on the streets of Um al-Shayaret in Ramallah on Tuesday.

“My son was shot mercilessly. She was a loving child who had a lot of friends and was always smiling, ”Um Fahd said as she held up her son’s sign and cried uncontrollably.

Fahd, a former employee of El Bireh Municipality, was to be married a few weeks later.

Palestinian medical spokesman Muhammad al-Awda told Al Jazeera that according to doctors at Ramallah Hospital, Fahd had been shot several times nearby.

“Doctors say one of the bullets that went into his back made a 2.5cm hole but when it came out of his abdomen the hole was 7cm – confirming that he was shot nearby,” al-Awda said.

Palestinian doctors on the ground have reported that Israeli forces are using well-known bullet butterflies, which “explode” on force, exploding muscles, nerves and bones while causing severe internal pain and large sores.

“He also had several gunshot wounds to his legs,” a spokesman for the Ministry of Health added.

Sabrin Abu Libdeh, a family friend, told Al Jazeera Israeli intelligence, Shin Bet, later phoned the family to apologize, saying the agents did not want to kill young Fahd, but were behind his brother and his uncle who accused him of involvement. dangerous “.

“Of what value is their apology now?” asked Ahmed’s sister, Roseanne, with tears in her eyes. “Will he come back?”

Ahmed Fahd’s family encouraged each other at his funeral on Tuesday [Al Jazeera]

‘Killing Palestinians’

While Israel acknowledged their “wrongdoing” at the time, Shawan Jabareen, from Al-Haq’s Ramallah human rights group, said the killing of Palestinians and Israeli security forces, especially sects, was not accidental.

“We are currently investigating his death but his assassination is part of an Israeli plot to assassinate Palestinians near the secret forces known as the Musta’ribeen and the civilian army,” Jabareen told Al Jazeera.

“Soldiers come to Ramallah almost every night after 2 p.m. to arrest.

“There have been a number of cases where Shin Bet spy agencies phoned Palestinian families who shot them dead and prevented ambulances from evacuating the seriously injured – the boys who were said to be attacking Israeli troops and civilians – say the case was over.”

“Obviously this was revenge,” he said.

Jabareen explained that his organization had filed a number of lawsuits against Israeli security forces for killing Palestinians when their lives were not in danger.

“We have provided statistics and documents to various international organizations that show that 95% of deaths were unnecessary.”

The Musta’ribeen are Israeli special forces known as dictators who call themselves Arabs and work in the Palestinian territories. Commandos dress like Arabs, reflect Arab customs and traditions, and speak fluent Arabic in a proper language.

‘Strengthening things’

Gary Spedding, a consultant in the Middle East, said Musta’ribeen’s “allowing Israeli military and border police to identify detectives who wanted to arrest and detain them”.

Israeli historian Antoine Shalhat described the Musta’ribeen’s supreme leadership as “combining the gathering of intellectuals with anti-terrorist activities”.

The guerrilla groups also took part in the arrest of Palestinians in northern Israel, following protests in Gaza and riots in East Jerusalem as a result of the expulsion of Palestinians from their homes.

The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI) said it had received “reports of secret police who act as protesters and promote these practices, attacking people with great cruelty and threatening, especially children”.

“There have been cases where undercover detectives are taking people, including children, out of the way unidentified, which has made their arrests look like kidnappings,” PCATI said.

Following the recent introduction of a new secret especially working in the Arab world, I am, The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, sent a letter to Israeli police officials and politicians stating that no democracy in the world would approve the establishment of a specific police force.

Israeli forces burn Palestinian protesters near Beit El Jewish village near Ramallah in West Bank [Abbas Momani/AFP]

‘Tolerant rules involved’

However, almost daily killings of Palestinians continue unabated as at least 28 Palestinians were killed in the West Bank alone in May during a crackdown on Israeli security forces or when they were arrested.

So it was with the capture of the Israelite army.

“As is often the case when the Palestinians persecuted the Palestinians, not one of them accused them,” Israeli activist B’Tselem He said in a report.

Citing examples from the second Intifada began in late 2000 to 2015, B’Tselem sought to investigate 739 cases in which soldiers killed, wounded, or beat Palestinians, used them as human shields, or destroyed Palestinian property.

The militant group said the mid-2016 statistics were shown in a quarter of all cases, no investigation had been launched, nearly half of the investigation was closed without action, and in a few cases the charges against the defendants were dropped.

Mr B’Tselem said he would no longer agree with the military investigation “because of this” because this did not lead to a lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Israeli human rights activist Yesh Din has called on the Israeli military to investigate Palestinian deaths in Gaza. Great Great Return, while the Palestinians protested the Israeli occupation.

“The integration of tolerant law on non-combatant firearms with a law enforcement system that prevents the honest and thorough investigation into the deaths of protesters is dangerous,” said Yesh Din in one of his recent reports.

“The consequences are tragic, unnecessary for many lives, the lack of a response to the harm of innocent people, and the abandonment of Gaza residents who remain vulnerable for the threat of losing their lives.”

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