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Johnson lifts COVID laws in England as Omicron wave ‘reaches its peak’ | Coronavirus Plague News

Britain’s PM says eye masks will no longer be acceptable in public places and COVID-19 will be left out in the event of a major incident.

Eye masks will no longer be acceptable in public places and schools in England and the COVID-19 passports will be abandoned at major events as the disease is declining in many parts of the country, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said.

Johnson told lawmakers Wednesday that the sanctions are being reduced because state scientists believe it is possible the disease could be caused by Omicron’s most infectious disease “It has now reached its climax in the world.”

While hospitals in northern England are still under stress due to overcrowding, Johnson said hospital recipients and patients in intensive care units across England are either settling down or collapsing.

“Many European countries have also endured winter closures …

“Our scientists believe it is possible that Omicron waves are now at its peak …

The government will no longer advise people to work from home and from next Thursday, the approval of COVID-19 will no longer be required to enter into major events.

Compulsory eye masks will also be removed from classrooms from Thursday, and from next week they will not be legally required anywhere in England.

“We believe in the decision of the British people and we will not hold anyone accountable for choosing to wear it,” Johnson said.

The ban was imposed in December to reduce the spread of the Omicron virus and to buy time for people to receive their additional vaccine.

Johnson said Wednesday that more than 90 per cent of people over the age of 60 in the UK have now fired. Government statistics show that COVID-19 cases have dropped in most parts of the UK for the first time since early December, when 94,432 new cases were reported Tuesday.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have adopted their own anti-coronavirus methods, often to the detriment, but have also begun to reduce them.

Scientists have warned that cases may return if human activity returns to normal.

“Eliminating Plan B strategies in the face of high-risk and high-risk diseases,” Warwick University specialist Lawrence Young told Reuters.

“It would probably be wise to wait a few weeks before removing the homework and mask. There is no guarantee that the disease will continue to decline.”

The requirement for HIV-positive individuals to isolate themselves for the full five days remains, but Johnson said this will be resolved in the coming weeks. He also said that although the isolation policy expires on March 24, efforts have been made to eradicate it if the virus continues to spread.

“Once COVID begins to spread, we will need to change the rules and regulations and guidelines, encouraging people living with HIV to be more careful and considerate,” he said.

The UK has the second worst pandemic in Europe after Russia, with more than 153,000 people confirmed dead from the virus.

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