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Israel is attacking Gaza, which has been besieged after rockets fired | He lived in East Jerusalem News


Israeli forces have staged a series of anti-Hamas protests in the Gaza Strip as evening clashes between Israeli and Palestinian police continue in Jerusalem.

Palestinian journalist Maan said Israeli tanks near the stronghold separating the Gaza Strip from Israel had sparked threats on Saturday. No injuries were reported.

The Israeli army says it has hit rocket-propelled grenades and rocket launchers in Gaza “in response to rockets fired at Israel overnight.”

That He said some rockets exploded before reaching Israel and others were captured by its air defense.

Hamas did not claim responsibility for the killings, but a small militia group affiliated with the left-wing Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine reportedly fired more shots.

The attack comes as tensions in East Jerusalem escalate. Armed police in Israel have fought against Palestinians for the second night Friday’s law banning public gatherings and outrage sparked by video raids.

On Thursday, police banned entry into some of the Palestinian territories frequently held during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, sparking controversy outside the entrance to the Old City.

Conflicts were further intensified with the return of Israeli right-wing groups at the end of the march in which they persecuted Palestinians and chanted “death to the Arabs”.

Earlier on Saturday, Jordan strongly condemned the “apartheid uprising of Palestine”.

Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi tweeted: “As a dictatorship under the auspices of international law, Israel is the only one who must stop these threats and the worst possible consequences.”

Thousands of Palestinians attend weekly services at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in ancient Jerusalem on Friday.

Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, Jerusalem’s chief mufti, condemned the “police and Palestinian occupation of Jerusalem” in his sermon on Friday but called on worshipers to remain calm and not take sides in the uprising.

They dispersed peacefully after the prayers and there were no immediate reports of riots.

The highlands have seen a number of conflicts over the years and were the beginning of the 2000 Palestine Intifada (uprising).

Hamas staged a series of demonstrations throughout Gaza after Friday’s prayers, reiterating its support for the war effort.

“After many demonstrations and demonstrations, we have realized that without weapons, we will not be able to liberate our territories, protect our sanctuary, repatriate our people or maintain their dignity,” said Hamas chief Mahmoud Zahar.

Later on Friday, after meeting, police said 44 people had been arrested in Jerusalem.

Palestinian Red Crescent counts about 105 injured, of whom about 20 were taken to hospital, while Israeli police say 20 police were injured.

Israeli police used water rifles and stunts to throw stones at Palestinians, who pelted them with stones.

Clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police have been taking place every night since Ramadan.

He was set on fire when police set up barricades outside the Damascus Gate in the old City, a popular meeting place at the end of Ramadan lunch.

The Palestinian Authority wants East Jerusalem as its future capital. Its demise has been one of the most difficult issues for peace, which came to a standstill more than 10 years ago.

The impoverished and densely populated Gaza Strip has been under Israeli rule since 2007, when Hamas began occupying coastal areas.

Hamas and Israel agreed at the end of September last year to end the war, although threats continued.

Hamas has accused Israel of not fully complying with the agreement. Israel, which considers Hamas to be a “terrorist group”, has rejected direct talks and has not publicly acknowledged the decision.

Israel has launched three trials against the Gaza Strip since 2008, and there have been many setbacks.


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