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Israel investigates possible shipwreck: Reports | Posting Issues


Israeli media reports say the cargo ship was formerly Israeli and was shot down on its way to the UAE.

A Liberian passenger train traveling from Saudi Arabia to the United Arab Emirates has been attacked in the Indian Ocean, according to Israeli and Lebanese journalists.

The crew was unharmed and the ship, which may have been hit by a weapon on Saturday, was not seriously disturbed as they continued their journey, Israeli state television N12 said, citing unnamed sources in Israeli security forces.

Security officials say they are looking at whether the Iranian military is responsible for this, according to the N12.

Lebanon’s pro-Iranian film Al Mayadeen had said this earlier. The video said the ship was hijacked by an unknown weapon.

Israeli journalists identified the ship as CSAV Tyndall and initially identified it as the city of Zodiac Maritime Ltd, a London-based shipping company with the head of leading Israeli company Eyal Ofer. The company, however, issued a statement stating that it was no longer operational or owned by CSAV Tyndall.

More shipwrecks from Refinitiv Eikon showed that the ship had finally reached Jeddah and was now on the Dubai coast.

A spokesman for the UAE government did not respond to a request for comment.

Saturday’s event was the last demonstration in a watershed, as their arch-rivals Iran and Israel took turns fighting each other.

The ships of Israel were attack in the Gulf of Oman in February and April, with Israel blaming Iran for the explosion.

An Iranian cargo ship had been slightly damaged in a mine crash in the Red Sea in April. The New York Times reports that Israel has told the United States that it is responsible for the eruption.

The same month, Iran announced attack on his plan to make Natanz uranium, which criticizes Israel.

Iran’s largest ship as well to stop early June after burning in the Gulf of Oman. Officials have not yet said whether Kharg’s drowning was a threat or an accident.


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