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Israel frees Al Jazeera journalist after lengthy imprisonment | Freedom of the Press

Al Jazeera Arab journalist Givara Budeiri has been released from prison hours after being detained by Israeli police during a protest rally in the East Jerusalem area of ​​Sheikh Jarrah.

Israeli police have harassed a Doha journalist in Jerusalem when they arrested him on Saturday and destroyed the weapons of Al Jazeera artist Nabil Mazzawi. Budeiri’s arrest has been widely criticized by activists and journalists.

“They come from everywhere, I don’t know why, they threw me against a wall,” Budeiri told Al Jazeera, shortly after his late release on Saturday.

“They beat me inside the car so badly … they beat me everywhere,” he said.

Budeiri was referring to a sit-in at the 54th Naksa festival, meaning “return”, a Palestinian term used to describe the Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip in 1967.

Sheikh Jarrah has also been on display for weeks to help Palestinian families facing expulsion to provide access to Jewish citizens.

Budeiri has worked as an Al Jazeera reporter since 2000. He wears an anti-journalism jacket called “journalists” when he is arrested and has a Israel Government Press Office (GPO) card.

However, he said he “saw her as a criminal” after taking her to the police station and forbidding her to take off her heavy jacket or close her eyes. He also said police accused him of beating a female soldier – which he vehemently denied.

Budeiri said he was released on the condition that he not go to Sheikh Jarrah for 15 days.

Dr Mostefa Souag, executive director of Al Jazeera Media Network, strong opposition imprisonment.

“The crackdown on our journalists is a complete violation of all international conventions.

“The suspension of journalists on threats has become a regular occurrence for Israeli authorities as seen in recent weeks in Gaza and the capture of Jerusalem,” Souag added.

‘Absolutely dangerous’

Earlier, Hoda Abdel Hamid of Al Jazeera, who also claimed to be in East Jerusalem, said Budeiri was arrested for no apparent reason and tried to take and show his Israeli card at police request.

“He pushes her, it goes on and on trying to get her print card. And when the camera tries to reach her, her camera was smashed,” said Abdel Hamid.

“We spoke to several witnesses and they all said there was no reason for such a crisis and it is not known why they decided to go. [after] Givara where there were other journalists doing exactly what they do, ”he said.

Photographs found by Al Jazeera showed when Budeiri was arrested.

Israeli police also dispersed several demonstrations that managed to reach their area, which was closed.

Barbara Trionfi, of the International Press Institute, complained about the arrests.

“It’s very difficult,” he told Al Jazeera.

“We have seen horrific persecution of Israeli journalists and soldiers in recent weeks and months and this, unfortunately, is not the case,” Trionfi added.

The behavior of the Israeli military is completely unacceptable. “

Sabrina Bennoui, a spokeswoman for Reporters Without Border (RSF), told Al Jazeera that the arrests were shocking and illegal.

“This is a violation of the rights of the press, because the journalist is well known for wearing a news outfit, and there is a clear will from Israeli authorities to restrict journalists from performing their duties and reporting on the media,” he said. He said.

On May 15, Israeli aid was attacked destroyed the house on the Gaza Strip where Al Jazeera’s press offices and other 11-day shopping center was located off the coast.

Israeli military ‘violates’ press freedom

At least 14 Palestinian journalists have been arrested and detained by Israeli forces in recent weeks, according to Reporters Without Border.

Arrest control is a legal process that allows Israel to detain Palestinians from occupied Palestinian territories without trial or trial, for a period of more than six months.

Israeli authorities have used this method, which is based on “secret evidence”, for years. Detainees are often unaware of the charges against them and are not allowed to defend themselves in court.

Two Palestinian journalists – Zeina Halawani and Wahbe Mikkieh – were beatings and imprisonment by Israeli forces at Sheikh Jarrah last week.

The pair were held for five days before being released on bail and then detained for one month.

Several Palestinian journalists with press cards have been barred from entering Sheikh Jarrah by Israeli police, who say they want a GPO card.

Israel ranks 86th out of 180 countries in the 2021 RSF’s World Press Freedom Index.

“People [Israeli military] they often violate the rights of Palestinian journalists, especially when they are protesting … in the West Bank or Gaza Strip, “the RSF said.

In the report (PDF) published last year, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights recorded 98 attacks by Israeli soldiers against journalists in local Palestinian territories.

At least 40 people were injured in the shooting, including two who “disappeared from their sight,” the report wrote.

At least 14 were beaten by “evidence of violence, aggression and violence,” while 26 others were arrested, he added.

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