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Japan Sends Baseball-Sized Transforming Robot Monthly

Image of the story of Japan Sending This Small Chance Robo-Ball Directly To The Moon

Drawings: JAXA / TOMY / Sony University / Doshisha Company

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency has partnered with Sony, Doshisha University, and Tomy toymaker to send a change in the approximate size of baseball to the Moon. What’s the time to live, amirite?

And this bot has a big role: It will collect a lot of space so that JAXA’s crever rover, can start 2029, can rotate. In order to improve the self-driving skills and driving skills that Rover will use in the journey, JAXA needs to study the effects of gravity on the Moon, which is one-sixth of the earth’s gravity, and regolith, aka Moon dothi, which covers the surface, the council said in to announce this week I see for the first time Pay.

The “lightweight and lightweight” robot is about 3.1 millimeters long and weighs about 250 grams. to the moon.

“The robots on the moon, photos of the regolith’s character, as well as pictures of the moon’s shots taken by the robot and the lunar camera will be sent to the observatories via the moon pen,” JAXA said.

JAXA has been working on the bot since 2016 along with Tomy, the Japanese toy maker behind Transformers and Beyblades. Sony (which knows a thing or two steering robots) signed up for the project in 2019 and donated a projector, while Doshisha University merged with 2021 and assisted Tomy in improving its overall design.

“Since [company’s] We have been developing toys with reliable and dependable security, a spirit of creativity, a flexible mind, and above all, a desire to make children smile, “said Tomy CEO and chairman Kantaro Tomiyama in JAXA.” I sincerely hope we will use it. use the opportunity to participate in space and to make children more interested in the natural sciences as well as the environment. “

A small ball-ball that can move to the Moon in 2022. Based on its design and movement, it is “expected to participate in the illumination of the moon in the future,” says JAXA. You go, lil dude.

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