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Ireland opposes the demands of medical burglaries


Ireland has refused to pay a ransom for fraudulent transactions that have forced the closure of many medical facilities on IT, leaving doctors unable to obtain patient records and patients not knowing if they should be admitted.

“The ransom is demanded and not paid in accordance with state law,” a spokesman for Ireland’s Health Service Executive told the Financial Times on Friday evening, confirming reports that the ransom had been sought in cryptocurrency.

Paul Reid, Ireland’s chief medical officer, told television this morning that the idea of ​​shutting down the machines was “precautionary measures” in the wake of the “severe” cyber attacks that affected global systems and “were about” our basic work ”.

Some of Ireland’s services are still in operation, such as its medical and Covid-19 vaccine program, which is powered by a variety of architecture. The Covid test that has already been saved is still going on.

However, the process of arranging referrals from GPs and their neighbors has slowed down, the HSE sent word, adding that those who needed to be tested should go to the intervention site, which could prioritize disease cases.

“This has a profound impact on our health and care services today, but the work of individuals and medical teams is affected in many ways. Emergency services continue, as well. @Mulembe_FM [the National Ambulance Service], ”Health Minister Stephen Donnelly wrote on Twitter.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, although Reid said Friday morning that it affects “Conti, a ransom used by the public”, in terms of the type of software used. Conti was first spotted in December 2019, and thieves believed to be living in Russia or Eastern Europe demanded a ransom of between $ 240,000 according to a study by Arete Advisors.

“We are at an early stage to understand the dangers, the implications and try to address them,” Reid said, adding that he had received support from the Irish police, security forces and third-party security forces.

A HSE Feeding Twitter contains a long list of medical services for surgical procedures, including non-emergency medical care, X-rays, physio and cardiac diagnostic services. Some of the removed ones arrive Monday.

The head of the Rotunda Maternity Hospital in Dublin said he was warning patients who are at least 36 weeks pregnant not to go for a funeral on Friday. In a statement, Cork University Hospital said patients should volunteer to receive inpatients, chemotherapy and surgery “unless you are asked to stop”, but X-rays and radiotherapy selected on Friday were canceled.

Professor Donal O’Shea, a medical education specialist at St Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin, told RTE radio that there could be meaning in patient care. “Medical machines have not been killed, but if you can’t use your computer, then getting results is impossible. . . so soon, there will be medical complications, ”he said. In a statement, Cork University Hospital said “only emergency blood” is what will be fixed at that time.

Reid said patients across the country “should keep coming back until they hear the opposite”.

Health workers told FT they were told turn off Their laptops, leaving homeworkers offline and hospital staff return to pens and paper to monitor more patients.

Mu words In its statement, the Irish Children’s and Family Council of Tusla said that their e-mails, internal systems and portal services were also offline because they were supported by the HSE network.

The attack comes as cybercrime has intensified during the campaign. Earlier this month, thieves believed to be from Eastern Europe broke into IT’s systems Colonial Pipes, the largest oil pipeline that supplies most of the eastern parts of the US.

“The professional fighters involved in the overflowing medical institutions have been a permanent feature of the epidemic,” said Charlie Smith, a problem solver at Barracuda Networks. “These fraudsters are aware of the great need for IT technology right now, so they will stand in vain to disrupt the systems mentioned or steal the data needed to redeem the ransom.”

Additional reports of Hannah Murphy reports in San Francisco


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