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False Head Office investigates Sanjeev Gupta’s GFG when rescue talks fail


The UK’s Technical Office has launched an investigation into fraud, fraudulent business and money laundering in the Sanjeev Gupta regime, which has led to a crackdown on savings talks.

The SFO said it was monitoring “the financial and operational nature of the Gupta Family Group Alliance (GFG), including its finances with Greensill Capital UK”.

A few hours later, White Oak Global Advisors, who had agreed to donate A $ 430m (£ 236m) emergency money to GFG in Australia and were in talks to pay a $ 200m loan for UK steel works, said it would not continue with the trade because of research.

“Like any financial institution, we cannot continue to negotiate with any company investigated by the Serious Fraud Office for money laundering,” said a San Francisco lender.

SFO investigations and the collapse of White Oak negotiations made Gupta’s GFG another problem. The combined companies, which include Liberty Steel, employ 35,000 people on steel from Wales to Australia.

The GFG has long been concerned about the recent collapse of March, a financially-funded Greensill, financial group. Prime Minister David Cameron he was a counselor.

SFO has been forced to investigate Gupta’s metal company following a Financial Times report that revealed suspicious invoices issued by GFG that Greenherring in exchange for money. The GFG denied the allegations and Greensill was not pressured to try invoices.

According to people familiar with the study, the SFO has been talking to whistleblowers for a year and opened a secret investigation a few months ago.

The White Oak trial was still in its infancy, but the prospect of a new fundraiser brought hope. Gupta should be able to save his business which has been hampered by the collapse of Greensill, a major lender.

Gupta had asked for the release of Liberty Steel, the third British manufacturer of alloy and 3,000 workers, but for the request to be rejected by the UK government.

Liberty staff had predicted Friday morning that the managers had issued encouraging messages on letter promotions in recent days.

“If they can’t afford the money and the UK government does not intervene, then the business will collapse,” said one employee. “This type of business requires capital.”

BEIS, the business department, declined to comment. The GFG declined to comment on White Oak’s decision to withdraw from the talks but said it would “fully cooperate” with the SFO investigation.

It said the group was “making significant progress in rebuilding its operations which are benefiting from the improvements in manufacturing and strong markets for metals, alloys and metals”.

In previous episodes, the anti-graft agency underwent confidential investigations for several years before it was announced, as in British American Tobacco, which started in 2015 but was officially established in 2017.

The main interest of people or market needs is the key to bringing research to the public.

In April the Financial Times revealed a number of companies named invoices that GFG sent to Greensill in exchange for money refused to do business with the Gupta group. Gupta later told FT that such a company was listed as a “customer”, and the money was paid in this way.

Commercial real estate has launched a survey after similar web sites were registered to a GFG employee email.

The SFO used the GFG investigation at a critical juncture, and last month ruled in favor of two former Serco judges for failing to provide further evidence and security. Supervisor Lisa Osofsky is forced to pursue high-level beliefs, following a number of ideas that have kept the company successful.

Political leaders were asked to join Tory MP Richard Fuller to conduct a poll, after a number of interviews with the Gupta-Greensill faction.

Greensill is being investigated separately by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and the Treasure Selection Committee.

German financial officer BaFin filed a complaint against Greensill Bank in Germany over allegations. BaFin’s actions followed an independent research study, which raised concerns about the amount of banking in Gupta-linked companies.

Greensill had $ 5bn in GFG when the financial company collapsed in March.

Credit Suisse wants to establish Liberty Steel companies in the UK and Australia in order to reimburse customers who tested Greensill loans through bank accounts.

Additional authors are Robert Smith, Cynthia O’Murchu and Michael Pooler


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