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Iran’s largest submarine sinks after a fire | Middle East News

Iranian troops have confirmed that crews were evacuated as the ship caught fire unannounced.

Tunduma, Iran – Hourly table One of Iran’s largest ships has drowned in an undisclosed location near the Strait of Hormuz.

Kharg, which was named on a nearby oil-burning island, burned Wednesday morning at the same time and more than 20 hours of rescue were not stopped, officials said.

A photo taken at night showed workers in live jackets fleeing with a blazing fire behind them. Another photo, taken during the day, showed heavy smoke rising from the sky and fire still burning.

The Iranian military also identified Kharg as a “training ship” and confirmed that there were about 400 workers and trainees, before adding all of them to the deportation.

Interpretation: PR of the second division of water in Jask has announced that when a fire broke out in the Kharg ship and people moved to the sea, the rescue operation that was trained failed after 20 hours of operation due to the spread of fire and a vessel resting in Jask water.

A local military official told Tasnim reporters that 20 people had suffered minor burns.

No reason was given for the fire reasons.

The ship sank near the port of Jask in the south, near the Strait of Hormuz, a passageway.

The ship was built in Britain and launched shortly before the Iranian 1979 Revolution and joined the Iranian army in 1984 after several years of negotiations.

The military chief told Tasnim that most of his weapons had been developed by Iranian experts in recent years.

They can also donate money to the sea to support other ships, can carry heavy loads and have set up and set up helicopter pads.

Kharg’s drowning highlights recent developments at sea in Iran in recent years.

Last year, a missile was accidentally shot during a naval training operation, killing 19 pilots and injuring 15 others.

An Iranian war destroyer also drowned in the Caspian Sea in 2018.

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