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Iran’s Khamenei blames foreign minister for shooting | Soleimani Killed News


Tunduma, Iran – Hourly table Prime Minister Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has criticized Iran’s top envoy for his comments on a technical crisis that erupted last week.

Khamenei said in a televised statement on Sunday that he was “shocked and saddened” to hear Mohammad Javad Zarif’s comments late. Officials General Qassem SoleimaniPower and influence, not to mention the delegates directly.

“One of these is to repeat the brutal dialogue of our enemies, to repeat the American voice,” he said, pointing out that anti-Iranian journalists had released the tape.

More than three hours of what is supposed to be a secret seven-hour secret service was announced by a subsidiary funded by Saudi Arabia Iran International based in London.

In the tape, Zarif said he had to do it over and over again Discussion “donations” in what he calls a “field” – meaning work and politics run by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), especially its foreign Quds faction led by Solomon until his assassination by the United States last year.

Zarif also said that Solomon went to Russia to destroy Iran’s nuclear deal in 2015 with the newly signed world powers and complained that it had been left in the dark on a number of issues, including Iran’s actions in Syria and Iraq.

Khamenei on Sunday spoke out against US continued opposition to the growing power in Iran in the region, saying that was why former President Donald Trump had ruled The execution of Solomon via a drone show in January 2020 in Baghdad.

“We should not say things that would make sense that we are repeating what he is saying, whether it is a Quds group or a Martyr Soleiman,” the chief executive said.

He also said that, as in any other part of the world, Iran’s foreign policy is not made up of foreign ministers, and is simply forced.

The task in Iran, they say, is in the hands of the Supreme National Security Council, which has high-level officials from various governing bodies.

The end of Zarif?

Khamenei’s words have also encouraged the brave who have not been able to stop the foreign prophet – and the government – from stepping down.

Although it looks like Zarif has stepped down, especially since his term will end in a few months and he talks reviving the nuclear alliance happening in Vienna, the criticism of the prime minister paints a picture of the future of Iranian politics.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, a well-known figure among the weakest and most revolutionary groups, has repeatedly said he has no interest in participating in the June elections.

The ambassador had previously stated that he would be interested in working for a foreign ministry, or he could go to university to teach.

Earlier on Sunday, Zarif apologized to the Soleman family for the harassment he had inflicted, and said his “sincere” words referring to future leaders did not detract from Solomon’s efforts to protect Iran and the region.

In a statement posted on the internet a few days ago, he said his remarks were not just to criticize Solomon, who is accused of trying to maintain peace in Afghanistan and Iraq and to fight the ISIL (ISIS) militant group.

Zarif published an online article following Khamenei’s remarks, saying the president’s remarks were the culmination of all the talks and he was saddened that what he described as “the transition to reality” was disrupted and disturbed Khamenei’s peace of mind.

President Rouhani said earlier this week the release of audiotape was an attempt to sow discord with the country’s enemies to undermine international efforts at the Austrian capital to lift sanctions on Iran and curb the country’s nuclear weapons program.

Rouhani instructed his ministry to determine the source of the tape, and similar attempts are being made in the legislature and parliament.

The president also fired Hesamodin Ashna, his former adviser and chief of staff at the President’s Center for Strategic Study, as he was in charge of Zarif’s interviews.


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