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Iran offers Houthis aid ‘essential’ and ‘dangerous’: US Ambassador | Houthis Stories


The US special envoy to Yemen, Tim Lenderking, described the fighting in Marib as “one of the most serious peace issues”.

Iran’s support for the Houthi group in Yemen is “extremely important and dangerous”, US Special Envoy to Yemen Tim Lenderking on Wednesday, when he called for a Marib war on the country’s most dangerous gas threat.

Lenderking told lawmakers in the US that Iran supports the Houthis in a number of ways, including training, assassination assistance and helps them “effectively” operate their drone and missile programs.

“Unfortunately all of this is working towards a very strong outcome when we see more attack on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – and perhaps other countries – true and dangerous facts. That is why we are so concerned, “Lenderking told the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee.

“Iran’s support for the Houthis is very important, and it is dangerous,” Lenderking said.

Iran’s work at the United Nations in New York did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Lenderking. Iran has refused to support the Houthis.

“It’s been difficult, to be honest, it’s been very difficult to deal with ships,” Lenderking said. “We want our friends all over the world to join us. … We want countries like Oman to help ensure that their borders stay close to every type of vehicle from Iran. ”

Since taking office in January, US President Joe Biden has made Yemen a priority and appointed Lenderking to help resume UN efforts to end the so-called war between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

“We can get Iran to do a useful job, if they want to. We haven’t seen any sign,” Lenderking said.

Fighting has intensified in recent days as the Houthis insist on taking Marib, which if successful could strengthen the group in any future negotiations.

“This is a threat to peace and it also helps them a lot. If we do not stop the war in Marib now, it could lead to a major war and instability,” Lenderking said.

“We are already seeing this through the attacks that are being hit in the front, a significant increase in pilots and more Houthi. attack on civilian and other security issues in Saudi Arabia, ”added Lenderking.

Lenderking told lawmakers that there are about 70,000 U.S. citizens living in the vicinity of Saudi Arabia and “it is our deepest fear that the American people will be killed in a strike by Houthi.”

The six-year conflict in Yemen began when the Houthis ousted the country’s capital, Sanaa, in 2014, forcing a world-renowned government to flee the city.

A military alliance led by Saudi Arabia intervened in 2015; Houthis says it is fighting corruption.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs says that the conflict has killed at least 233,000 people, including 131,000 for other reasons, such as food shortages, health services, and construction.

Saudi Arabia has been criticized for its bombing in Yemen, which has made the UN a major problem in the world.

Aid agencies help more than 20 million people in the impoverished Arab world suffer from food insecurity and half of them are at risk of starvation.


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