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International flights will suspend other flights to the US on 5G | Aviation News

Major international airlines shut down flights to the United States or change their aircraft for use on Wednesday, a recent issue in a dispute over concerns that 5G mobile phones could disrupt aviation technology.

Some airlines said they had been warned that the Boeing 777, the world’s most used carrier aircraft, had been severely affected by the new high-speed wireless operation. The plane is the highest flight to the Emirates from Dubai, which carries a lot of East and West flights, and its flight time was very fast.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Several pilots have tried to use different aircraft to continue their work.

The suspension came just a day after AT&T and Verizon phone operators suspended new wireless services near US airports scheduled for this week. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has banned several aircraft to fly in airports with 5G signatures, but the Boeing 777 is not on the list.

Similar mobile networks have been set up in many other countries – sometimes with legitimacy such as reducing radio frequency near airports, as France did. But in the US, the issue has plagued FAA and the airline and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and communications companies.

The 5G service uses a portion of nearby radio and radio altimeters, which are devices that measure the altitude of aircraft above the ground and help pilots avoid blurry vision. The FCC, which set up a barrier between the 5G team and the aircraft-based system, ensured that it could be used safely near land vehicles. AT&T and Verizon have stated that their equipment will not disrupt the aircraft’s power supply.

But FAA officials saw the potential, and telecom companies agreed to wait for a response.

On Wednesday, Emirates announced that it would suspend flights to several US cities due to “concerns about the delivery of 5G networks to the US at certain airports”. It will continue flights to Los Angeles, New York and Washington.

“We are working with aircraft manufacturers and regulators to reduce operational stress, and we look forward to resuming our US operations soon,” he said.

The most alarming one seems to be the Boeing 777. Emirates is only flying the brand with the Airbus A380 jumbo jet.

All Nippon Airways Japan reported that the FAA “has shown that radio waves from 5G wireless can disrupt aircraft’s altimeters”.

“Boeing has announced airline bans on all aircraft using the Boeing 777 aircraft, and we have banned or modified other airlines to / from the US based on what Boeing has announced,” ANA said. It has suspended 20 flights in the area to cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles and New York.

Japan Airlines also said it was informed that 5G signatures “could disrupt the radio altimeter installed on the Boeing 777”.

It also said it would stop using the model in continental US for now. His eight tours were affected Wednesday – three hikes and five cargo rides. Taiwan’s EVA Air also said the FAA said the 777s could be affected, but did not specify how it could change its schedule.

But Air France said it was planning to continue unveiling its Boeing 777 aircraft to the US airport. It did not explain why it had not changed its aircraft as many other carriers have done.

Boeing Co from Chicago did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Southwest Airlines aircraft, with high-resolution radars that can withstand telecom 5G technology, flies 150m (500 meters) from the ground and is about to land at LaGuardia Airport in New York City, New York, United States. [File: Bryan Woolston/Reuters]

Air India also announced on Twitter that it will suspend flights to Chicago, Newark, New York and San Francisco due to the 5G crisis.

But it also said it was trying to use other planes on US routes – lessons learned from several other planes.

Korea Air, Cathay Pacific of Hong Kong and Austrian Airlines will replace various aircraft that were supposed to use 777s. Korean Air spokeswoman Jill Chung said the aircraft was also preventing the use of other 747 models on the affected airports. German Lufthansa also exchanged one type 747 with another for a trip to the US.

British Airways has banned several flights to the United States for a Boeing 777 and changed other aircraft.

The FAA has said it will allow aircraft with accurate, reliable altimeters to operate around the most powerful 5G. But planes with older altimeters will not be allowed to land on the ground at minimal appearance.

Contributing to this problem, according to the FAA, is the signal strength of 5G platforms and the way their horns work.

“Starting stations in rural areas of the United States are allowed to produce higher frequencies compared to other countries which could affect the accuracy of radio altimeter equipment and reliability,” the FAA said in December.

FCC chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel said in a statement that “5G deployment could be combined with aviation technology in the United States, as it does in other countries around the world.” However, Rosenworcel urged the FAA to ensure its safety and “safety and speed”.

AT&T and Verizon spent billions of dollars on 5G images known as C-Band in government sales last year.

Choi Jong-yun, a spokeswoman for Asiana Airlines, said the company had not been affected so far because it was using Airbus flights on a flight to the US.

However, Choi raised the issue, saying that airlines have also been advised by the FAA to refrain from landing on US-affected airports during bad weather, regardless of the type of aircraft. “Asiana will also send its flights to the nearest airport at this time,” he said.

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