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International Events on the Israeli Invasion of Gaza | Palestinian News


At least 140 Palestinians, including 39 children, he has been killed Israel launched a terrorist attack in Gaza earlier this week.

On Saturday, Israel headed for a refugee camp in Gaza where 10 Palestinians were killed.

It also ruined it house in Gaza City where the offices of Al Jazeera and The Associated Press are located, as well as other media outlets, offices and residences.

Here is how the world reacts to the recent Israeli threats to Gaza:


The Palestinian cause at the United Nations has asked U.S. President Joe Biden to explain the recent threats.

“Does the explosion of @AP & @AJArabic’s offices be interpreted as a means of self-defense?” the mission said in a tweet on Saturday.

United Nations

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has urged Israeli and Gaza authorities in Hamas to reduce tensions.

Michelle Bachelet said in a statement that “instead of trying to resolve conflicts, frustrating remarks from leaders on both sides seem to be trying to appease the conflict rather than calm them down.”

Bachelet’s remarks were made shortly before an Israeli plane crash before destroying the building in Gaza City, home of Al Jazeera and AP offices.

Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera criticism The bombing and vandalism of his offices and said it was a matter of course for journalists not to do their job.

“We call on other countries to condemn such atrocities and to pursue the media and we want the countries to take immediate action against Israel for taking action against journalists and media organizations,” Dr Mostefa Souag, director of the Al Jazeera Media Network, said in a statement.

Associated Press

“We are shocked and saddened that the Israeli military is targeting and destroying the AP and other media outlets in Gaza. They already know the location of our office and know that journalists were present. We have received a warning that the building will be raided,” AP President and CEO Gary Pruitt said. .

“We want more information from the Israeli government and we are working with the US State department to find out more.

“This is a strangely disruptive development. We survived by accident. Twelve journalists and AP freelancers were inside the building and thankfully we were able to get them out on time. “

An explosion is seen near the AP tower, Al Jazeera (C) offices in Israeli missions in Gaza City [Ashraf Abu Amrah/Reuters]

The chicken

A liaison officer with the Turkish President posted a message online that the Israeli attack on the offices of The Associated Press and Al Jazeera in Gaza had violated the freedom of the press.

“I condemn this attack on Israel as it strikes the press in order to cover up its killings,” Fahrettin Altun said after the attack, adding that “Israel continues to kill people and war crimes.”

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu wrote that Turkey represents the Palestinians, who are still struggling with “ethnic cleansing, religion and culture”.

United States

U.S. President Joe Biden, by telephone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, expressed “grave concern” over the appearance of violence in Israel and Gaza, the White House said.

The White House said it had joined forces with Israel on the need to ensure that journalists were safe after the Israeli military destroyed the building containing Al Jazeera and AP offices.

“We have reached an agreement with Israelis to ensure that journalists and independent journalists are responsible,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said in a tweet.


Qatar’s foreign minister has met with Hamas official, according to Qatar’s foreign ministry on Saturday.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani also said he had met with Hamas leader Ismail Haniya in the Doha capital.

The Foreign Ministry said Sheikh Mohammed “reaffirmed the need for countries around the world to take urgent action to end the recurring violence in Israel against civilians in Gaza.”


A senior Hamas official has said the Gaza Strip will not back down when it attacks Israeli forces.

Ismail Haniyeh speaks at a conference held by hundreds in Qatar. He also said that “the denial of the shortest route to Jerusalem” was that the Palestinian people would not accept anything but the land of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital.

Hamas senior leader Ismail Haniyeh gestures during a visit to the Lebanese refugee camp [FIle: Aziz Taher/Reuters]

Amnesty International

Amnesty International has called on the US and the UN to end “impunity and lawlessness” by “publicly condemning war crimes”.


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