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Instagram tweaks algorithm after accusing him in Palestine

Instagram is changing its app to display more posts and current events from complaints from colleagues that what motivates Palestinians has not been seen by users in the recent war in Gaza.

To date, the social media platform has established the basics in the “stories” that are displayed at the top of the user’s choice which are shared or retransmitted from third parties.

Now Instagram will have original and re-published content in the same way, depending on the two people who know the situation and the internal messages of their co-workers, choosing what will help make social media more accessible.

The spokesman said there was an increase in users sharing the views of the recent conflict in Gaza, but the way the program was set up here affected “more than expected” for how many people saw it.

“Stories that share their writings do not reach the people as they expect, and they are not good,” the prophet said. “Over time, we will take turns re-contributing to sharing our history as we do the original stories.”

Instagram said the move did not fully address Palestinian concerns, but was considered for some time.

The spokesman said the change “has led people to believe that we are suppressing issues related to other topics or ideas”, but added: “We want to be clear – it is not. This applies to any post that is re-read in a story, no matter what.”

A group of about 50 people inside Facebook, the owners of Instagram, have complained about the repression of Palestinian words, said one staff member.

The official said the team had made more than 80 requests for the results of a machine-specific operation. BuzzFeed kale reports on the availability of the group.

Facebook’s ideas had spelled out words commonly used by Palestinian users, such as “martyrs” and “rejection” as sources of violence and the removal of al-Aqsa mosque’s notes after incorrectly linking the third holy site to Islam with a terrorist group, according to the US reports.

The employee told the Financial Times that he did not believe Facebook was intentionally illuminated, but said that “corrective measures are biased against any unselected groups” and lead to the promotion of images.

Facebook said: “We are aware that there have been a number of issues affecting the ability of people to share our programs. We apologize to anyone who feels unable to direct important events, or who feel that this is a deliberate reduction of their voice. It was not our intention to do so, and we do not want to shut it down. a particular group or idea. ”

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