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DUP leader accuses EU of treating Northern Ireland as ‘toy’

Edwin Poots, the new leader of Northern Ireland’s largest party, on Sunday criticized the EU for taking the site as a “political” game, as tensions continue between the UK and Brussels over the adoption of post-Brexit legislation.

Pots, who he sat down the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party on Thursday, said that although in the past the European Commission had set its “heart and soul” to establish peace in the region, “the current group” of leaders has shown no interest in the path to peace in Northern Ireland.

The DUP leader fought for power and vowed to stand firm on Northern Ireland’s laws, which he signed as a 2019 treaty that would protect Britain from the EU. It is designed to avoid land distances on the island of Ireland.

“The EU [is] “He wants to punish the UK and that’s why Northern Ireland is being used as a drama,” he told the BBC Andrew Marr’s show. “We are citizens of the United Kingdom, we were citizens of the European Union and we deserve to be treated like everyone else.”

Poots, which are replaced Arlene foster was fired because he was not considered a threat to the law, saying the UK government could have “reasons” to pray for Article 16, to suspend one part of the agreement as “economic and social damage.” The causes were “obvious”.

Article 16 allows both parties to suspend the treaty and it is likely to take effect if the EU or UK believes that the law creates a “economic, economic or environmental crisis”.

The DUP leader said the law, which requires the region to comply with EU property laws, requiring that goods move between Great Britain and Northern Ireland for investigation, was “extremely destructive” and should be “lowered”.

“We have violence on our roads in Northern Ireland that has not happened for many years and that is behind the program,” he said, adding that the EU “played fast and fairly.”

Traders in the area have complained about the high cost of importing and exporting paper. This section is reviewed expensive treatment once the grace period for this session ends in October.

Earlier this month, on his first visit to Northern Ireland, Lord David Frost, Britain’s prime minister in Brexit, met with businesses and locals in Northern Ireland and discussed issues ranging from letter problems and confusing chain delivery.

After the meeting, Frost warned that the order was “showing serious difficulties“, And he said urgent response is needed to” reduce the daily disruption of people’s lives in Northern Ireland “.

In response to the Poots’ criticism, Maros Sefcovic, the organisation’s vice president, said he had “committed himself” to the Coalition on Friday, which in 1998 ended 30 years of violent conflict. “We are working hard to ensure that the program is turned into an opportunity,” he told the BBC.

Sefcovic, an ally of the EU on Britain’s alliance, said Brussels had “worked tirelessly” to ensure the implementation of the law, adding that more cooperation was needed from the UK.

Unionists say the law violates the terms of a peace treaty by changing the status of Northern Ireland in the UK, which was established in the GFA.

Friday, Sefcovic he was told Financial Times said frustration grew in Brussels over the UK’s refusal to meet its mandate.Bakuman position in Northern Ireland.

Sefcovic said the EU was working hard to address some of the protocol issues ranging from restrictions on guide dogs between Northern Ireland and Great Britain on issues related to steel taxes, additional firefighting taxes, and a major problem with food security checks.

However, “from the UK we have no initial response”, said Sefcovic.

The UK government on Sunday said it was still focused on tackling the “major challenges” created by the protocol.

Additional reports of Javier Espinoza in Brussels

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