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Ingeluity Helicopter Nails 5 Aircraft and Start a New Job


NASA's fifth Ingenuity Mars Helicopter was hijacked on May 7, 2021 by one of the agency's Perseverance rover.

NASA’s fifth Ingenuity Mars Helicopter was hijacked on May 7, 2021 by one of the agency’s Perseverance rover.
Figure: NASA / JPL-Caltech

After what we’ve seen in the last few weeks, it doesn’t mean that the small helicopter that NASA is capable of carrying is a big punch. The Space Ingenuity helicopter, landed its fifth plane on Mars on Friday and completed its original goals. It will begin a new work in a distant land.

About her a fifth flight expedition, Ingenuity began their first voyage from Wright Brothers Field, or departure office, to another airport 129 meters south. As soon as it landed at its new airport, the little one climbed up to 10 meters (a new history of Wisdom) and fired high-resolution images of the “new space,” as NASA explains, before it arrived. The flight took a total of 108 seconds.

“We are inviting you to visit our first Martian home, Wright Brothers Field, and thank you so much for the support of the first aircraft,” said Bob Balaram, an engineer at Ingenuity at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. story.

Compared to wisdom the fourth successful aircraft, the fifth trip was shorter in distance and time. In its fourth voyage, it traveled 266 times (266 meters) around 117 seconds. On Friday, Ingenuity flew twice as much, from 5 meters (5 meters) in the fourth trip to 33 feet (10 meters) in the fifth round.

However, this does not mean that the fifth helicopter flight was fun or challenging. The Wise Team chose a new helicopter airport based on the information they gained in its fourth mission, which allowed them to create high-rise maps. The maps showed that the new page had a flat surface with no restrictions, a key factor in reaching the point of intellectual approach. According to NASA, this was the first “observatory of the atmosphere” on another planet.

Sensible reasoning now allows NASA to evaluate how missions and helicopters of the next generation could influence future Mars exploration. Although Wisdom landed on Mars as a demonstration — or an unlimited task that seeks to test its potential first — attempts to experiment on another planet, it received new work at the end of April.

This new work has demonstrations. This section will focus on the potential that the rotorcraft can provide on Mars missions, such as surveillance, sky-viewing of inaccessible space travel, and detailed stereo imaging from the surface.

Some of you may ask, why should Wisdom move airports at all? First of all, the Wise Men have already completed everything they were sent to do on their 31-Earth-day exhibition window, because everything they do from now on is an exciting bonus for all of us here on Earth, as well as, science.

However, in order to continue with the performance-oriented role, Awareness must be close to the partner – or as I would like, his or her proud parent – the driving force of Perseverance. Efforts work as a liaison between the Intelligence, Mars’ pilots, and Earth mission missions. Rover has its own track record on its journey to explore the landmarks of ancient life on Mars, to study the Earth’s climate and geology, and to pick up examples of Earth’s future.

“We are moving to a new location because this is the encouragement that Enduring is taking place, and if we want to continue to show what can happen from space, we have to go where the pilot goes,” said Josh Ravich, Director of Ingenuity’s mechanical engineering at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. change of position.

NASA they say Airlines operating in the Ingenuity demonstrations should be reduced from once a few days to once every two or three weeks. They will also be designed not to interfere with the activities of Perseverance science. The Ingenuity team will review the flight plans after 30 Sols, or 31 Earth days, and will end by the end of August.

Mu to announce Commenting on the new Ingenuity project in the next few weeks, MiMi Aung, director of Ingenuity operations at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said her team was very appreciative of the Perseverance rover team’s support during the Ingenuity’s technical demonstrations.

“Now we have the opportunity to pay for it, and showcase future robotic services and one that will be well documented to have a close friend who can offer a different look – one from heaven,” said Aung. “We’ll take this opportunity and run with them – and fly with them.”

Details: Listen to the Exciting Sound of the Ingenuity Helicopter Helicopter


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