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Authenticated Twitter Accounts Are Players Fans Musk And Bitcoin Scams Ahead Of SNL Initially

Illustrated Hacked Verified Twitter Accounts How Are They Making Musk Fans With Bitcoin Scams Before SNL Initially

Figure: Britta Pedersen (Getty Images)

Several reliable Twitter accounts began flooding in with Elon Musk and his followers responding with bitcoin spam on Saturday. The hacks that appear are coming just hours before the Tesla general manager discusses the gameplay Saturday Night Live.

The next deception Malware Hunter Group shared several views of authentic Twitter accounts that appear to have been hijacked in an attempt to harass Musk’s friends. These include valid accounts of Argentine politicians, a Korean human rights group, and a Paralympic athlete, among others.

In both cases, the account changed its name to “SNL” and changed its image to match the elder Saturday Night Live story. The modified accounts responded to Musk’s tweets and urged users to “join” any event by clicking the link to receive 5,000 bitcoin, worth more than $ 295 million at the time.

The link leads to a post on Medium, which you can see in the image below, from user Elon Musk who claims to be from Tesla HQ’s advertising department. Below Musk’s image, which announces “Offers of 5000 BTC,” is a link to the “competition” page where users can try to get one of three electronic devices – Bitcoin, Ether, or Dogecoin – for free.

Illustrated Hacked Verified Twitter Accounts How Are They Making Musk Fans With Bitcoin Scams Before SNL Initially

Drawing picture:

All links were broken during our search, but Business Insider apparently he had a good chance. On Saturday, it also said that the “competition” page included the Tesla logo and asked users to send “from 0.02 to 5 BTC to the address below and return from .20 to 50 BTC!”

Scammers also responded to official Twitter accounts of Tesla, SNL, and guest singer this week, Miley Cyrus, a similar advertiser on cryptocurrency fraud. Among the list of verified accounts also included an Argentine politician Jorge Taiana, Korea’s Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission (ACRC), jewelry and watchmaker Mouawad, a sprinter and paralympic medalist Shelly Woods, and a nonprofit organization Hockey Saves.

When we arrived on Saturday, a Twitter spokesman said the company was looking into the matter. We also visited the Malware Hunter Team with Tesla, although it should be noted that the latter did not say much to the media from then on closed his PR department Obviously he said. However, we will update this blog if we hear.

By Saturday afternoon, most of the stolen accounts appear to be back to normal, though some have been slower than others to change their profile and clear their reputations. As of Saturday afternoon, the iconic Woods profile is still the SNL logo, with ACRC’s answer history showing several spam records. We filmed below, which includes the fact that users can access 100 million Dogecoin by clicking on this link.

Illustrated Hacked Verified Twitter Accounts How Are They Making Musk Fans With Bitcoin Scams Before SNL Initially

Drawing picture: Twitter / Gizmodo

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency token that started as a meme and has become very popular. Its price has risen by about 25,000% in the last six months according to CNBC, no doubt was added among other things by WallStreetBets game and Reddit in the lead economic growth. Musk, being an online person who is, wrote online several shouts for Dogecoin in recent weeks, I’m making a lot of hype and posting his ride.

However, as stolen accounts return tExtraordinary, More go ahead coming out in an hour, according to the Malware Hunter Team. No matter who the hijackers are, they seem determined to attract the hype around Musk SNL visibility as long as possible.

Musk will receive SNL tonight at 11:30 pm ET. You can watch it NBC page if you have an access cable. For those of us who cut the cord, NBC is showcasing the program worldwide via YouTube Pano.

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