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Travelers traveling abroad for the December holiday season are expected to discuss the latest developments in COVID.

At the beginning of a season that is often busy at the end of the year coincides with the rapid spread of the new version of the Omicron coronavirus, riders are moving with the latest changes in COVID regulations.

At least 50 million people International is expected to fly around the world at this time, according to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Many countries wants to test COVID before traveling with vaccination certificates to enter. The discovery last month in southern Africa of the new strain of the Omicron coronavirus, found in at least 89 countries, has led to a reduction in migration patterns.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said he said Omicron is spreading faster than the Delta species and is causing infections in people who are already vaccinated or who have been cured of COVID-19.

Most countries and airlines require passengers to submit PCR test results within 48-72 hours prior to boarding. In some countries, early departure and departure tests are required at the airport, in addition to pre-travel PCR.

To enter the United States, travelers must show proof of COVID testing (PCR or Antigen) no later than one day before departure.

Types of COVID tests

PCR testing

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test is considered a gold standard for detecting viruses and bacteria.

PCR testing is a cheap way to quickly detect small amounts of DNA. The test is performed with a nasal or throat swab to detect the presence of COVID-19 ribonucleic acid (RNA).

When the sample reaches the lab, the reagent solution is added. The reagent begins to react by the production of viruses. This helps to identify the virus.

PCR tests are often considered to produce the most accurate results.

Rapid antigen test

Running antigen tests, or similar antigen testing, involves wiping the nose, placing a swab in the solution bottle, and then squeezing the solution drops onto a small tube.

Active antigen test results are obtained within 15-30 minutes. Some countries and planes need to be tested urgently on departure and arrival in addition to PCR tests.

Antibodies / IgG-IgM tests

The tests do not detect the presence of the virus – they can detect the presence of the virus, as well as the production of IgG antibodies during the manifestation of viral and viral infections.

The IgG Quantitative Antibody test is performed with a finger blood sample, similar to measuring blood sugar levels. This test should be done 15 days after exposure.

Infographic showing different types of experiments

Cost of COVID test

The cost of the COVID test varies greatly from country to country, depending on the type of test required, the destination and destination as well as the test.

About countries to walk from United States, a licensed doctor or laboratory can issue a COVID test certificate in order to travel. In the US, a secret test of COVID-19 before a PCR trip that produces the same day results can be costly. $ 375, but there are also many free options throughout the country.

In the United Kingdom, a public health facility or laboratory may issue a valid travel document, and prices can range from $ 50 to $ 130.

In Japan, the cost of a PCR exam with a certificate in English on the trip can be reduced price up to 33,000 YEN ($ 290). Governments in United Arab Emirates and Qatar brought the cheapest on the COVID test.

Travel requirements

Many countries have traveler requirements for travelers, while others specify the type of vaccine needed to enter or avoid isolation, while others simply require riders to take the COVID test.

Exit and arrival check-in can be booked and paid for so you don’t have to wait too long at the airport.

Travelers may be asked to submit health forms online, or download them app or use a QR code to indicate test results or vaccine status.

Pre-departure lists and arrivals with the Covid-19

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