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Indonesia records first case of Omicron | Coronavirus Plague News

Health officials say travel restrictions are increasing, especially during the holidays.

Indonesian health officials have begun following the trend after realizing that the virus is spreading rapidly in the country. Omicron coronavirus.

The patient is a 37-year-old Medan man who visited a restaurant in the central business district of Jakarta earlier this month, Health Minister Siti Nadia Tarmizi told a news conference Tuesday.

The man had no recent history of foreign travel or contact with foreign travelers, Tarmizi said, adding that he was asymptomatic and was alone in a Jakarta hospital, sitting alone at home.

“With our local publication we are promoting travel restrictions, especially during the Christmas and New Year holidays,” he said, adding that the patient’s wife was found not to have any.

Earlier this month, President Joko Widodo urged people in the world’s fourth-largest country to adhere to health rules after a government official at a private hospital in Jakarta, who had a history of traveling abroad, tested positive.

Health officials say there have been 47 confirmed Omicron cases in Indonesia, especially cases exported, which experts say in early studies appear to be more contagious but less dangerous than the previous species.

Indonesia has suffered one of the worst cases of COVID-19 in Asia, with more than 4.2 million people sick and 144,000 dead.

But after the trial reached its climax in July due to the spread of the Delta species, the disease is very fall and they remained low.

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