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India urges Twitter to remove tweets criticizing how COVID works | Management Issues


Twitter keeps some notes, plus some by lawmakers, after the Indian government issued an emergency law.

The Indian government has asked Twitter to remove a number of tweets, including some local lawmakers, which criticize India’s handling of coronavirus infections, while the COVID-19 cases have also been met with world history.

Twitter has banned some tweets after being officially requested by the Indian government, a company spokesman told Reuters news agency on Saturday.

The government has urgently ordered a ban on tweets, Twitter announced on the Lumen page, a Harvard University project.

At the government’s request, dated April 23 and revealed on Lumen, 21 tweets were mentioned.

Among them were tweets from parliament Revnath Reddy, West Bengal Prime Minister Moloy Ghatak and filmmaker Avinash Das.

The law cited in the government’s request was the Information Technology Act, 2000.

While it was unclear what legal clause was set in the matter, New Delhi uses a clause that gives these powers the mandate of access to information in order to protect “Indian sovereignty and integrity” and to maintain public order, among others.

“Once we receive a valid request, we review it in accordance with the Twitter and Local By-Laws,” a Twitter spokesperson said in a statement.

“If the content of Twitter’s content is violated, the content on this page will be removed. If it is confirmed to be illegal in other laws, but not in violation of the Twitter Code, we may avoid access to India only,” he said.

Physician loves a patient with respiratory problems inside an ambulance waiting to be admitted to COVID-19 hospital for treatment, in the wake of the spread of coronavirus in Ahmedabad, India, April 25, 2021 [Amit Dave/Reuters]

The spokesperson confirmed that Twitter had informed account holders of how to avoid the content and informed them that it had received permission for their tweets.

India’s IT ministry has told AFP to ask Twitter to remove 100 posts, adding that there is “misuse of social media by other users to spread false or misleading information and create fear in the COVID-19 scandal in India. “.

This growth was first reported by technical website, TechCrunch, which said Twitter was not the only platform affected by the rule.

Dangerous increase

India has been hit by the second deadly plague, which kills the death of COVID-19 in just four minutes in New Delhi with the central bank paying a fee.

The criticism is growing that the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and government officials were not fully prepared to deal with the crisis.

Health experts said India began neglecting a few months ago, with new cases being around 10,000 a day and appears to be under control.

Officials lifted the ban, allowing for the resumption of general assembly, combined with major celebrations and political rallies in local elections.

India’s healthcare system has faced a major crisis, with families of patients seeking medical help as the country faces medical problems and oxygen shortages.

India on Sunday reported 349,691 new cases and 2,767 deaths in the last 24 hours – the highest since the outbreak began.


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