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India is struggling with covid fever

“I have never seen anything like it because of this epidemic,” says Shah Alam Khan, a cancer specialist and professor at the All India Institute of Medical Science in Delhi. “In the past, you’ve seen a lot of people die from covid. Now, there are names. Each of us knows someone who has been taken with covid. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t know the person who died.”

At Khan’s hospital alone, he sees the doctors so overwhelmed with grief that they too faint. Recently, after giving another eight-year rest, a colleague committed suicide in his office. It is a death that Khan speaks quietly: he admits he did not turn his head here.

“When death occurs in our religious community, grief becomes a cultural phenomenon more than anything else,” he says. I don’t believe in God, but in this world, death and misery are easier when you are a spiritual person. ”

Seema Hari is one of countless people who use the Instagram account to share things like Google Docs to find out where to find oxygen tanks, based in Mumbai. But when his relatives fell ill with covid, he was devastated, except for his Instagram page.

“I have spent many days worrying and trying to share things, and at night I search through WhatsApp – not only my family but also all my other friends in India, asking them a serious question if everyone on their side is OK and if they need any help,” he said. via email.

Hari said he did not see the right cry and did not see himself as saying: “There is a lot of pain that can be solved, but it is as if we have never had a chance to cry, because losing is never ending and many things require action on our part.”

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