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In Pictures: After the Marshall Fire in Colorado | Gallery News

Investigators are still investigating the cause of a major fire in the Denver area of ​​Colorado U.S. state that has burned neighborhoods and destroyed nearly 1,000 homes and other buildings.

Three people are missing following a shooting that happened Thursday.

At least seven people have been injured in wildfires that started in and around Louisville and Superior, neighboring towns about 32km (20 miles) northwest of Denver and a combined population of 34,000.

The fire, which burned about 24 square kilometers (9.4 square kilometers), no longer appeared as dangerous, mainly due to snow and cold nights on Saturday.

Snow and heat of one degree create a horrible scene among the ruins of a house that is about to dry up. Although the weather changed dramatically, the smell of smoke billowed from the empty streets blocked by National Guard troops at Humvees.

The situation added to the grief of those who started the new year trying to save the remaining homes.

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