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I took care of my craving for inappropriate games … I play a lot

However, if we go on to say that sports may not be at risk of addiction, but rather a sign of a serious problem or other causes of dementia, then can you say the same about alcohol and drugs?

Ferguson states: “When you combine heroin with someone else’s food, you become addicted to crack cocaine. There are certain physical conditions that can lead to smoking. You find a lot of people who like to take caffeine and wake up every day and need coffee or Pepsi. And they can’t work without it and they’ll endure it, which is why they need more coffee to start. If they try to stop, they get a headache, get tired, and get angry. There is no other sport like the one in which respect is tolerated. ”

This was encouraging to hear, as I use the game to break my habits in my life. The biggest problem I have is checking my phone emails. If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path at night, on the weekend, or while on vacation.

Take it easy: As soon as I sent the message, I turned off my computer and picked up mine BittBoy (a Retro handheld game console) to play for 10 minutes Tetris Attack on Super Nintendo (Set timer). It gives me a “reward” for dopamine that I expect to respond to in a fast email. It means I can forget about email and start working again. But is there any science that triggers my new habits?

“The simple answer is, yes, you can play games as a reward,” says Ferguson.

“It’s hard, as dopamine does a lot of things, but you’ll see dopamine levels just before you do something fun. It’s like getting to the front of the line at Space Mountain in Disney World after a one-hour line. And that can be like receiving an email from a good point. very much. ”

Ferguson tells me that dopamine levels increase by about 50 to 100% when you first play a game, and are the perfect answers to any interesting things: from eating pizza to sex (compare using methamphetamine, which can increase levels by 1,300 percent). Conversely, dopamine wise, it is better to play sports, and you will not regret it later by eating pizza or (possibly) having sex.

I worry about how the game affects teenagers, since my 4 year old daughter has started playing with my iPad. I’m afraid she might have an unhealthy relationship with the game, the way I did it, and the way her grandparents did it. Sarah Coyne, director of the School of Family Life at Brigham Young University, humiliates me.

“There’s a lot of research on the use of video games,” he says. “What good can it do in relationships with emotional and cognitive problems?”

“Video games are a very powerful tool and you can use them for good or for bad,” he continues. “That’s why you want to make sure everything you do really works. If you restrict children too much, then they rebel and just want those things that are forbidden and the kind of fruit that is forbidden.”

Coyne says there is not much research on having a parent who abuses sports as a hobby, but my luck is that my mom played games that were not violent. It’s the kind of game I love, especially fun games that provide brain awareness and fun to solve problems.

“If you’re playing a video game, or playing a video game that connects with you or helps you to think about the world, it ‘s different. Grand Theft Auto,“Coyne says.

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